From Fergalicious To Dedicated Mom: 20 Ways Fergie Is #MomGoals

The world is full of so many amazing and awe-inspiring mothers. From the moms walking miles and miles with buckets and babies on their hips just to get fresh water to single mothers all around the world that work day and night to keep food on the table and the lights on - every one of them is awesome. No matter how strong they are or how great they are at this mothering gig, each of them did not start out as a mom. Once upon a time, they were young women who only dreamed of the day that they would have a baby of their own.

One lady, in particular, had so much going on in her personal and professional life that by the time motherhood came around, she quickly learned how to rock that, too! Stacy “Fergie” Ferguson has been on the world’s radar from as far back as 1984 when she first appeared on Kids Incorporated as a child actor. From there, her career exploded and she became a household name as the female lead in the hip hop group Black Eyed Peas. She equally headlined on her own when she released the solo album, The Duchess, in 2006.

Fergie set out on her biggest endeavor to date when she welcomed a son, Axl, in 2013 with then-husband actor Josh Duhamel. Fergie has been one of Hollywood’s most #rockin moms every since! She is the kind of mother all moms strive to be from her style, grace, and attitude to the special bond she shares with her son. It is safe to say that Fergie is the definition of #momgoals, and here are 20 ways she has proved it.

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20 She Can Admit That Mothering Is Hard

Via People

Fergie has always been open and honest about her life. That's been no different since becoming a mother. She admitted to Us Weekly, "As any hard-working mom knows, it is a delicate balancing act that I have to be juggling all the time with the different schedules, the family schedules, the work schedules."

The singer also told the magazine that sometimes she is nothing more than a tired mama. Admitting that just like the rest of the moms in the world, makes her seem more down-t0-earth and more like a regular person than a super famous celebrity.

19 Fergie And Her Tiny Human Get Dressed Up

Fergie is no stranger to dressing up in elaborate costumes. After all, she is one of the world's top performers. This is something that she has carried over into motherhood.

Fergie and Axl are often caught out in public dressed in matching outfits. For Halloween, Fergie, Josh Duhamel, and Axl have put on matching costumes, including one Halloween where Fergie was Harley Quinn, Axl was the Joker and Josh was dressed as the dad from The Incredibles.

Normally, Axl and his mom can be seen around Hollywood and New York dressed in coordinating mommy/son outfits. The two make quite the pair!

18 She Still Makes Time For Her Friends

Via Zimbio

When Fergie isn't performing or out with her little man, she can be seen taking walks with her gal pals in the Hollywood Hills. According to the Daily Mail UK, she has attended the Coachella music festival with friends Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin in the past.

Also according to Zimbio, when Fergie and Josh Duhamel were still together they even took a trip with friends to St. Bart's. Fergie definitely makes time for her friends, even after becoming a mom. Sometimes, she even brings little Axl Jack out with her to spend time with her friends and their children as well.

17 Always Traveling With A Kid In Tow

Via Pinterest

Countless photos have been taken of Fergie and Axl all over the world. When he was just a little baby she would carry him on her hip throughout the streets of New York and Los Angeles. Even though Fergie has the money to hire a nanny to watch Axl Jack anytime she has to travel for work, most of the time she chooses to bring him with her so that she can still spend time with him while she has work commitments.

As Fergie continues to put out new music and set new tour dates, you can almost guarantee Axl will be by her side as she tours the world yet again in the coming years.

16 Super Sweet To Her Little Man

Via CellCode

Moms are known for giving kisses on ouchies and hugs when their kids have had a rough day. Fergie is no different in this matter! She is a doting mother to her son. From the time Axl came into the world in August of 2013, Fergie has held a special spot in her heart for him that only a child can hold in a mama's heart.

Fergie's sweetness has obviously rubbed off on her son, as Axl's dad quoted him to Us Weekly as saying, "Love is so strong. Love cannot be broken. Love is so strong nobody can break it not even Hulk."

15 She Co-Parents Great With Axl’s Dad

Via Pinterest

Josh Duhamel and Fergie were married on January 10th, 2009 after dating for five years before that. The couple later announced their split in September of 2017. However, despite the split, they have both stated how good they co-parent with each other. Fergie told Entertainment Tonight, "I have a good co-parenting partner."

On his end, Josh told OK Magazine, "We have a lot of love and there's no reason to not do the best we can to raise our kid. He’s number one." It's safe to say that these two are setting a great example for Axl on how two people that were once in love can continue to be friends and co-parents after romantic love fades.

14 Strong Family Ties

Via Metro.co.uk

Family has always been important for Fergie. She is very close to both of her parents but in particular her mother Theresa Ferguson. BHW has stated that Theresa was a speech therapist for young children for many years. She has also passed many of her skills down to Fergie, who in turn used them to help teach Axl how to talk early on.

Family means a lot to her. So important that Fergie and her Dad opened a boutique winery together in 2006 called "Ferguson Crest," according to BHW. The singer is also very close to her only sibling, her younger sister Dana.

13 The Fun Lovin Mama

Via TopsImages

She is a mama that likes to have fun. Fergie attends lots of birthday parties, children's events, and games with Axl whenever she gets the chance to. Axl, Josh and Fergie have attended many Major League Baseball games for their home team, the L.A. Dodgers, according to Entertainment Tonight.

Fergie is no stranger to play dates either! She is known for taking Axl to all of the best parks in the greater L.A. area and even takes Axl to Kim Kardashian West's house for playdates with North West, according to the Evening Standard.

12 Open and Honest About Her Past Struggles

Via InStyle

Always the open book, Fergie has been honest with her fans from the get go. As far back as her early days with girl group "Wild Orchid," she has been very real about her struggles.

Fergie told the Evening Standard that she calls the end of her days with the group "her dark days" because of she of her substance usage, which led to her having severe hallucinations around that time. Also in the same interview, she said she had to decide to help herself before she could seek treatment from outside sources.

Her honesty is a true virtue and inspiration for mothers everywhere.

11 She Finds Time To Give Back

Via EOnline

There is nothing more awe-inspiring than a person that has everything in the world, yet takes the time to give back. Fergie is the epitome of #momgoals in this endeavour.

Look To the Stars reported that she contributes to charities such as Avon's breast cancer awareness initiatives and has encouraged women to get their monthly exams and talk more about the disease.

She has also contributed to charities that provide AIDS research and promote sustainable living. As Axl grows up, he will see his mother doing all of these wonderful things. That is just awesome!

10 Her Kid Is Always Stylin

Via ScoopNest

Axl and Fergie are almost always on point. The pair can be seen all over wearing matching aviators and denim jackets. Axl, in particular, looks super adorable all of the time. The kid either has a personal stylist or his talented parents can be credited with keeping up his killer wardrobe. Probably a bit of both.

Fergie told People magazine that Axl loves to get dressed up, "We play all the time at home in several costumes per day." It's quite obvious the little man has his mother's flare for fashion!

9 Fergalicious Is A Team Player

Via YouTube

Fergie is currently starring on Fox's "The Four" alongside P. Diddy, DJ Khaled, and Meghan Trainor. It is a vocal singing competition. She appears to get along beautifully with her co-stars on it, proving that Fergie truly is a team player.

Let's not forget that she was a member of both Wild Orchid and the Black Eyed Peas before venturing out on her solo career as well. She has also collaborated with artists such as Rick Ross and Nicki Minaj on songs too.

By working with all of these other talented individuals, she is a strong role model for what you can make happen if you have #teamgoals.

8 Takes Her Kid To Work

Via Pinterest

Any mom's dream is to either bring her kid to work with her or be home with her kid as much as possible. Sure, moms can also want any variance of the in between too!

Fergie, however, loves being around Axl Jack as much as possible. To People, she said, "I just missed my son and wanted him to come to set!” in reference to him coming to a shooting of one of her music videos.

Fergie has even brought Axl to the set of "The Four" with her. She sets a good example to moms that can and would bring their kids to work with them when/if they can.

7 Not Afraid To Admit When She Is Wrong

Via SendFlowers4

Like any celebrity, Fergie is no stranger to scandal. In February of 2018, Fergie got a lot of backlash for the way in which she sang the national anthem at the NBA All-Star game.

In response to the criticism, she stated in People magazine, "I'm a risk taker artistically, but clearly this rendition didn't strike the intended tone," she said. "I love this country and honestly tried my best."

Between this statement and her struggle with overcoming meth addiction, Fergie has zero problems admitting when she was wrong or doing something hurtful to herself or others. All children can benefit from role models like this.

6 Always An Advocate

Via Philly

Through her charity work, Fergie has been able to touch the lives of many of her fans. She has advocated for women who are victims of domestic violence through her work as an AVON Foundation Global Ambassador.

She told the Washington Post, "I encourage women to speak up and not be shamed, to speak up so that justice can be served."

With her outspoken demeanour and voice for change, Fergie is a strong advocate for her fans and friends alike. She proves what a difference one person can make in the lives of so many others and that is a true #momgoal.

5 She Was A Cute Pregnant Lady

Via AccessOnline

Even rockin' her cute little baby bump was easy for her! Fergie attended event after event as her baby bump grew and grew, and she only got more adorable as the months went by! As her pregnancy progressed she just took everything one step at a time. She even admitted to the NY Daily News that she had no idea what to expect with the arrival of her new baby. But, in true Fergie fashion, she planned to just take it one day at a time upon his arrival.

4 She Always Looks Awesome

Via Blog.Sina.com

You've got to admit, the lady almost always look put together! For as real and down-to-earth as she comes off to her fans, she has an almost otherworldly style.

She can often be seen dressed like a Rockstar of days gone by just taking strolls through her Los Angeles neighbourhood. While at other times she is dressed to impress when speaking for the AVON foundation on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C.

All mamas may not always feel like they can keep up with Fergie's style. Just remember that the lady has a team of people always working to make her look good and it is always good to have a style role model too.

3 Fergie Supports Other Mamas

Via Vogue

Fergie has a lot of friends. Some of them are from her younger days and some are from her rise to fame. Yet, all of them are important to her. It's been proven that she supports all women through her charitable work, but she is also keen on lifting up her fellow mom friends too!

She proved this ideal by recruiting several of her famous buddies, including Kim Kardashian West, Chrissy Teigen, Alessandra Ambrosio, and Ciara to appear in her mom-empowering video for her song "Milk $" in 2016. Her past statements and messages on moms supporting moms are powerful and important.

2 Self Care Is Important To Her

Via Zimbio

While Fergie has called Axl, "the sun her world revolves around," according to People magazine, she also likes to find time to look after herself too. She loves to work out, eat sweet treats sometimes and she admits to seeing a therapist regularly.

Encouraging all moms to get out and do something for themselves is something she is passionate about. She told the Evening Standard, "I’m a firm believer in moms getting to go out once in a while and having fun. It makes you a better mom because you come back refreshed." In the same interview, she said she likes things like getting her nails done and having fast food from time to time as well.

These are all things all mamas can get on board with!

1 She Works Her Butt Off

Via Yahoo

Fergie is a lady that knows what goes into a hard days work!

Since her days on Kids Incorporated, the girl has been busting her butt to get to the top of her craft! Fergie has churned out hit after hit for years on end and keeps going like a boss! She encourages women to work hard on their careers in balance with being great moms.

Like all children, growing up with a strong, powerful, gracious mom who works hard to give both their children and herself a great life is the definition of #momgoals.

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