From Josie To Jason: 15 Facts About The Youngest Duggars

Everyone needs a family. It's part of who people are. It really just comes down to what kind of family people want—a big, rambunctious family or a small, quaint one? For Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, they started out with the desire to have a few children.

However, after putting their faith and family in God, they decided they were ready for as many children as possible. In doing so, the Duggar clan was born. Since 1988, the Duggars have added 19 children to their family. They have had 10 boys and nine girls. We know their children as Joshua, Jana, John-David, Jill, Jessa, Jinger, Joseph, Josiah, Joy-Anna, Jedidiah, Jeremiah, Jason, James, Justin, Jackson, Johannah, Jennifer, Jordyn-Grace, and Josie.

With the last Duggar being born in 2009, that's 19 children in 21 years! We can't imagine being pregnant that long, but it seems to be working for Jim Bob and Michelle. The older Duggar children have been in our eyes for a long time. We've lived with them and now we're watching them spread their wings to start their own lives. The youngest Duggar children, however, we're still actively learning about. We're excited to see these eight as they start their life adventures.

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15 They're The Reason The Duggars Got A Reality Show

Via: In Touch Weekly

For years the Duggar clan have been in the eyes of the public. In fact, TV segments are where they have made quite a bit of their money. Prior to the birth of several of the youngest Duggars, the family was featured in five different documentaries—the titles included “14 Children and Pregnant Again,” “16 Children and Moving In!,” “Raising 16 Children,” “On The Road With 16 Children!,” and “Duggar’s Big Family Album.”

These documentaries made them famous, but the addition of the youngest Duggar members brought the family to a whole new scale. They were given their own reality TV show—”19 Kids And Counting.”

If it was not for the littlest Duggars—Jennifer, Jordyn-Grace, and Josie—the family wouldn’t have their own reality TV segment. Talk about a big accomplishment for kids so young!

The Duggar Family Blog reveals that the first episode of “19 Kids And Counting” aired on January 31, 2010. With all of these children running around, the public was intrigued by how the family would manage so many children. More intriguing was the fact that all of the children had names that began with J, which must have made things harder on parents Jim Bob and Michelle.

14 They Are Being Home-Schooled

Via: J and M Ranch

Public and even private schools really are not for everyone. This is very much the fact with the Duggar family. Instead, the children are all homeschooled. Looking for something more out of their children's education, the Duggars’ use a Christian-based schooling model. It allows the lessons to revolve around building character, responsible habits, self-control, and honesty habits.

The core faith of the family and the moral compass they work to create are built into their everyday school routine. According to Alpha Omega Publications, the Duggar children spend four hours doing school-related activities. Once the children get older, the girls leave some of their lessons in order to help prepare meals for the family, which is a part of learning how to be a good wife.

We are certain the morality is strong in the Duggar clan. According to Alpha Omega Publications, the younger Duggar children work together during school time, relying on one another when they need help with their education. This helps reinforce some of the subject matter for the children as they help their siblings learn. The family relies on a checklist to make sure that each child has accomplished everything they were supposed to for the day.

13 Brothers And Sisters Can't Play Together

Via: Pinterest

While Jason, James, Justin, Jackson, Johannah, Jennifer, Jordyn-Grace, and Josie may be the younger ones needing entertainment, there are very specific rules on how they can do it. First and foremost, there are several games that the children are not allowed to play together. Hide-and-seek is one of those games. Apparently,

the Duggar boys are not allowed to play with the Duggar girls. Sisters can play with sisters and brothers can play with brothers, but they cannot intermix for the game.

According to In Touch Weekly, there is a concern about inappropriate behavior between siblings if they are left alone with each other. We are not sure why that is a thought of what children do when by themselves. This is considered a safeguard for the children’s well-being. As the older siblings have moved out of the house, the younger siblings are given fewer people to play with under these restrictions. It forces them to be creative when it comes to downtime entertainment. The Duggar children love to play board games, according to The Duggar Family Blog. Some board games require four players, so it can be incredibly difficult to fill those spots as their other siblings mature.

12 The Two Bedroom Situation

Via: Pinterest

Despite being a large family—and despite the fact that the older children have outgrown the family home—the Duggar children only share two rooms! That is right! Two rooms. Jason, James, Justin, and Jackson share one room while Johannah, Jennifer, Jordyn-Grace, and Josie share the other. Seems like a snug fit for us! If one room was not small enough, there are not enough beds in the room for each child. That means the younger siblings are left sharing beds with one another, with up to nine kids at a time.

We can appreciate the space saving of it all, but we imagine it can be quite awkward at times--especially considering the age gap between a few of the younger siblings. According to Bustle, the Duggar family lives in a 7,000 square foot house. That is a large house to make children share rooms. Jim Bob built this house with the help of his family. Certainly, it fosters a type of closeness between the siblings, but we can definitely picture the sibling fights that arise as well. Bustle reports that this could be because the Duggars do not want their children to have much privacy so they will not be tempted to sin.

11 They Have To Follow A Buddy System

Via: TLC

Having one baby is to have our hands full, but to have 19? We can’t even imagine what it is like and how hard it is to keep track of all of them. Even Michelle has difficulty—and that is why she has a buddy system in her house.

Instead of keeping tabs on all her kids, she has her kids do all the work for her.

Little Josie gets to spend the most time with her mom as she is the baby in the house, but the others don’t. Instead the older ones of the youngest—James, Justin, Jacks, and Johannah—will buddy up with their younger siblings to keep track of them all day. We have to imagine that is not fun—it pushes all the children to grow up just a bit more than needed.

According to In Touch Weekly, the family appoints buddy leaders based on the children that are the oldest at the time. These buddy leaders tend to be the older female sisters, as it can help prepare them for their one destined job- motherhood. While this is great for sibling bonding, it can be hard on the younger siblings when their “parent sibling” gets married and moves out.

10 The Dress Code Can Never Be Broken

he DreVia: The Inquisitr

Clothing is a form of expression, but not in the Duggar household. In fact, the little ladies have quite the dress code that they are forced to follow. With the coming summer months, Johannah, Jennifer, Jordyn-Grace, and Josie can be expected to not wear the tradition, scantily clad swimsuits we are all used to seeing. Instead, they will be wearing swim dresses—high necklines, sleeves, and all—along with a pair of pants or capris underneath.

Even accidentally showing any skin can be considered a sin and would be extremely embarrassing for them. This strict ruling goes to their day-by-day wear as well.

Long dresses and skirts are mandatory as well as tops where their chests are concealed and their shoulders are covered. According to Bustle, the girls are expected to dress modestly, but in a feminine way. The whole point is to make sure the Duggar girls do not trigger inappropriate thoughts in the minds of the men they encounter. It is all about the modesty prior to marriage and saving themselves for their husband. Another reason for this, as per Bustle, is that the girls are supposed to see their bodies as a gift from God that they should only share with one man.

9 Jason—Videographer In The Making

Via: YouTube

Born April 21, 2000, Jason Michael Duggar—18 years old—is the oldest of the younger Duggar children. He is Jim Bob and Michelle’s 12th child. There is a two-year difference between him and his older brothers—the twins, Jeremiah and Jedidiah. Being the oldest, Jason is in charge of the cleaning and upkeep of the living room in the Duggar household.

According to The Duggar Family website, when he is not cleaning or helping take care of his seven younger siblings, Jason finds that he enjoys making his own videos. From the actual filming all the way to finalizing of post-production, he loves what he is able to create visually. His hope is to one day be a videographer. He is on his way up in the world doing so after having bought his first house last year.

Jason even has appeared on the other side of the camera outside of the show. According to In Touch Weekly, Jason had been filmed for a roll in Courageous, but he did not make it into the final version of the movie. When he is not filming, he enjoys flipping houses for profit, therefore building his career in real estate.

8 James—Future Pilot

Born July 7, 2001, James Andrew Duggar is Jim Bob and Michelle’s 13th child. 16 years old, his jurisdiction in the house is the pantry—meaning he maintains the upkeep of the house’s pantry. We guarantee that is a big job considering the family spends over $3,000 on groceries a month.

His favorite food? According to The Duggar Family website, James Andrew absolutely loves stuffing! We definitely think stuffing is a great choice for favorite food. Ambitious like all his siblings, his desire is to one day become a pilot. He is closest to his brother Jason—so much so that they even share the same bed at night. James is considered the family joker. James Andrew loves to have fun, play tricks, and tell jokes. He is even musically talented and plays the trumpet—very well we might add!

According to In Touch Magazine, this may be a great career path for James.

The Duggar family has approximately six private planes.

This means that James has his choice of aircrafts to choose from when it comes to getting his pilot’s license. He is following in older brother John-David’s footsteps, as he is considered to be the pilot of the family.

7 Justin—The Mechanic Man

Via: Fundamentalists Wiki

On November 15, 2002, Michelle gave birth to the 14th child in the Duggar clan—Justin Samuel Duggar. Opposite of his brother Jackson, Justin is in charge of emptying and taking out the trash on the upstairs floor. Being on the verge of turning 17, Justin spends a lot of time helping his parents out and taking charge of his younger siblings. It is a lot of responsibility, but he takes it on gracefully.

Naturally talented and naturally skilled, Justin shows a true calling as a mechanic. Not only does he enjoy using his hands, but it also comes easy for him. According to The Duggar Family website, he spends a good portion of his downtime working, fixing, and improving cars. We are certain the skill will not only come in handy for the Duggar family but also inspire his younger siblings!

According to The Daily Mail, the Duggar family owns a used car business that many of the boys end up working at. This sounds like the perfect fit for Justin, as he can make sure the cars are up to speed before they are sent home with a customer. He is definitely a hard-working teenager.

6 Jackson—Translating To Connect Worlds

Via: Pinterest

The 10th and final son of Jim Bob and Michelle, Jackson Levi Duggar was born May 23, 2004. The almost 14-year-old is responsible for cleaning up the trash on the lower level of the house as well as cleaning up the kitchen counters. An oddball, his favorite food is actually Salvadorian bread and refried beans, according to The Duggar Family website. That is surely something we have not heard of being a favorite food before.

Jackson finds himself connected to a higher purpose of bringing people together and helping people.

As a result, it is his life aspirations to one day become a missionary pilot—to be able to bring hope to people who are isolated. While he does this, he also hopes to be able to become a translator. The language knowledge will surely help him reach out and help many people from around the world!

With so many of the Duggar boys being interested in becoming pilots, we hope that John-David takes them under his wing to help them reach their goals and find success in becoming pilots. While Jackson wants to become a pilot to help others and Justin potentially just wanting to do it for fun, they would probably learn best together.

5 Johannah—Doctor, Doctor

Via: CafeMom

The 16th child of Jim Bob and Michelle, Johannah Faith Duggar was born on October 11, 2005. Despite being only 12 years old, she already looks incredibly grown up as we could see in her latest family photos—and she is quite gorgeous to boot. Johannah takes on a bigger role in the household as she’s responsible for cleaning all of the floors and all of the tables.

Being that she is a little older, she has also spent a lot of time buddying up and taking care of her younger sisters. However, it is something she doesn’t mind. This close attention to taking care of others extends further in her life as she finds herself wanting to be a doctor one day, as reports The Duggar Family website. Her attention to detail makes us think she will definitely be able to accomplish that goal.

Johannah is likely one of the lead buddies when it comes to schooling her younger siblings, as she is one of the oldest girls. Helping teach her siblings, preparing them lunch, and being responsible for them will help with her bedside manner as a potential doctor. She is going to be so much more than just a wife.

4 Jennifer—The Pet Doctor

Via: Pinterest

On August 2, 2007, Jennifer Danielle Duggar was born. A fan favorite, this 10-year-old is nothing but pure entertainment in front of the camera. She is known to be brutally honest with her siblings.

On top of that, she is prone to voicing her opinion—one that we are all thinking. She just says it out loud to us.

It leads to a slew of the funniest scenes on screen. We can only imagine the commentary going on when Jennifer takes to cleaning the girls’ room—her chore of the house.

When she is not playing games with her siblings, she is spending time with animals, which is her favorite pastime according to The Duggar Family website. Her love for all God’s creatures is so strong that she plans to one day become a veterinarian to take care of every animal she can.

Jennifer’s plans to become a veterinarian may be enhanced by her requirement to care for her siblings. As one of the older girls in the house, she also has to take care of her younger siblings, much like Johannah. She is learning to be compassionate, which will only help her career aspirations in the future.

3 Jordyn-Grace—An Artsy Ambition

Via: The Inquisitr

Second youngest, Jordyn-Grace Makiya Duggar was born December 18, 2008. The 18th child of Jim Bob and Michelle, she is also the only one of all the children who have four names to her name. We definitely love the uniqueness of her name despite the lengthiness of it. We hope she is able to create a great nickname in the future. It certainly is a mouthful. In the household, Jordyn-Grace is in charge of organizing the shoes, as reported to The Duggar Family website. It is a stinky job, but someone has got to do it, right?

At nine years old, this little girl has become a beloved character on the show. The loveable, fun little girl enjoys the time she does have to play with her siblings and most enjoys when she can incorporate some kind of art into that downtime. She has a certain soft spot in her heart for baby sister Josie and has even said her favorite episode of the show was “Josie’s First Birthday.” In fact, Jordyn-Grace’s goal is to become a budding artist. With her fame and her passion, we are certain that we will see some original art pieces out there one day.

2 Josie—Top Notch Meal Plans

Via: In Touch Weekly

The littlest of the Duggar clan—Josie Brooklyn Duggar was born on December 10, 2009. She was only three and half a months—or 25 weeks old. That made her a micro-preemie. It also meant she spent the first six months of her life in the NICU. From a perforated bowel to the transparent skin, Josie Duggar had a long way to go before she would be okay.

While she cruised through her NICU time with an impressive strength, she’s set for a lifetime of health issues—something made apparent by the on-screen seizure she had in 2014.

Having health issues can be stressful and can cause a number of setbacks, but Josie is cruising along and has responsibilities to the house just like her siblings.

Even still, Josie isn't letting anything hold her back. With a love for food, she adores learning to cook and plans to one day become a chef. According to The Duggar Family website, Josie’s favorite food is macaroni and cheese, which we are sure she will have a master recipe for. With her strong resolve, we know she will become a great cook one day. She has already overcome so much in her eight years on this planet.

1 Jubilee—The Duggar Angel

Via: The Hollywood Gossip

December 11, 2011, the Duggar clan experienced a terrible loss. Michelle gave birth to a stillborn little girl. They named her Jubilee Shalom Duggar. Our hearts go out to the family. It is a horrible thing to lose a baby. Honoring the memory of their daughter, Jim Bob and Michelle gave their deceased daughter a grave marker, as shown on The Hollywood Gossip. The grave marker was sweet and simple—showcasing a tiny hand holding onto its mother’s finger—we are not crying, we promise. The gesture was the perfect way to forever memorialize the loss of their 20th child.

When discussing the loss of this child, the Duggars referenced the death of King David’s baby within the Bible. As always, the Duggar family turned to God and religion to help with their grieving process.

Unfortunately, the memorial has sparked controversy with fans as Jim Bob and Michelle did not memorialize the first child they lost—a boy baby named Caleb, who would have been their second child if he was born. Even odder, this child did not have a J name. This is what caused them to stop using birth control, as per The Hollywood Gossip. Whatever the choice behind the decision, we still love the memorial.

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