Frustrated Father-To-Be Vents About Pregnant Wife's Cheating Claims

One husband accused of infidelity has asked the internet for help after his wife installed a tracking app on his phone.

The story, or at least one half of it, was posted on Reddit. User u/onthefence outlined the situation, saying his wife's suspicions started when she got pregnant, but it was a little more innocent.

"She gets these weird dreams where I cheat on her. She wakes me up in the middle of the night to ask me if I still love her," he reads his post (which we edited here). "I was really fine with that. I thought the hormones were messing with her."

Then, however, things got more intense. She asked him to install a tracking device on his phone, and will even ask him to pick things up from stores it says he's at (though it's unclear if that's to prove he's actually there or not).

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So now, he needs advice and direction to see he's doing something to suggest he's the bad guy in the situation — however, he does only tell the story from one side. Still, it seems like most users say she's in the wrong, but a few suggested there could be more to the situation than the author knows. One suggestion that garnered quite a bit of support is that the mother-to-be could be suffering from a form of depression.

According to Caring For Kids, about six percent of women experience depression in some way or another during their lifetime and it goes up to 10 percent when pregnant. This is caused by a change in hormones, causing a chemical imbalance leading to depression, anxiety, or other disorders. Some signs of this include a loss in appetite and energy, a lack of interest in things that normally bring joy, and feelings of worthlessness. Obviously, these aren't the only signs, but it's important to speak to someone if these types of feelings creep into your life.

This is especially true if you or a loved one is pregnant because this can have adverse effects on the baby too.  In fact, Caring For Kids says some cases can lead to premature birth, an undersized baby, or even death.

Back to the original post, however, without more context, we can't really say what the problem is here. Still, it would do u/onthefence good to speak with his wife about her behavior, and if needed, seek professional help. Hopefully, they can work out the issue so their baby can be welcomed by parents who love and trust each other.


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