Don't Forget To Use Your FSA On Baby Items Before It Expires

In the United States, our major insurance companies offer a feature in many coverage plans called FSA. FSA, or Flex Spending Account, is a pre-tax contribution funded from your own paycheck. Some employers also contribute percentages to their employees’ FSA accounts, too! Each family can channel up to $5000 into their FSA over the course of the year. There’s a catch: you can only carry over $500 of remaining funds at the end of the calendar year. If you have an FSA that expires on December 31st, spend it all on stocking up on baby items! Don’t lose that money - use it on things you’ll actually use and need for your infant - or for yourself as a parent.

Pick Up A Baby Thermometer With FSA Funds

Be sure to read reviews! Some thermometers aren’t as accurate as others. My suggestion? Get the fastest and most consistent thermometer you can afford in your budget. Expect this item to run from $5 on the cheap end to $50+ for smart thermometers. It's scary for a newborn to have a fever, so best to be prepared for the worst! 

Get A Pricey Owlet Monitor 

Owlets are great - and you can get them pre-tax! Via Owlet

From the moment you announced your pregnancy on social media, you’be inevitably been bombarded by a bunch of targeted ads. One of the most ubiquitous is the Owlet monit0r. The Owlet is a smart sock designed to track your baby’s breathing and movement patterns. If your baby has low oxygen or trouble breathing, the Owlet monitor will alert you to take action. Since it's a pretty expensive baby item, being able to buy the Owlet with pre-tax dollars is like getting about a 30% savings!

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Stock Up On Prenatal Vitamins 

Pregnant moms or those trying to conceive, you’re in luck! FSA funds cover prenatal vitamins in pill or gummy form. You don’t even need a doctor’s prescription to get OTC prenatal vitamins covered by FSA. Even better - prenatal vitamins are great even if you aren’t expecting! Get great hair in 2019 by picking some up before your FSA expires.

Save Big On Baby Sunscreen

Keep your baby's skin safe with sunscreen! Via Shutterstock

While it might not be a big need in the middle of the winter months, stocking up early on baby sunscreen can keep your kids safe from the rays all summer in 2019! If your FSA funds can stretch, pick up a few bottles - one for your car, diaper bag, and home. Hey, maybe even one for their grandparents’ house!

Stuffy Baby Noses Need Saline Wipes And Spray

Boogie wipes are a go-to in our house! When my babies have a cold, Boogie Wipes clean their faces and hands in one swipe. Even better, their saline spray is grape-scented! It’s the only way I can wrestle my toddler into letting me squirt it up his nose.

Pick Up Any OTC Baby Med With A Prescription

OTC meds make colds so much more bearable! Via WebMD

Some FSA funds can even be used on items that require a prescription. While you can pay for over-the-counter medicines out of pocket, you might want to use the rest of your FSA funds. Simply ask your pediatrician to write an Rx for relevant OTC medicines. With those prescriptions in hand, you can use your FSA funds to cover essentials like baby Tylenol, Motrin, or Benadryl (for allergy babies).

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