15A Full Moon Will Put You Into Labor


A full moon is believed to be the cause of many things. We claim it can bring us good luck, turn people into werewolves, and even make people go crazy. For many years, we have all heard the old wives’ tale that if there is a full moon out, expect

a lot of babies to be born. The claim is that the moon’s gravitation affect can cause a mom’s water to break. Many baby nurses swear by it, even going as far as to stock up and prepare for busy nights when the moon is full.

The truth is, there is no connection between a full moon and an increase in deliveries. In fact, a physicist and astronomer by the name of Daniel Caton published a study in 2001 to disprove this theory entirely. His research included about 70 million U.S. births over a twenty-year period. He was unable to find any truth to the idea that more babies will make their appearance on the night of a full moon. Studies dating back as early as the 1950s have also been unable to find any truth to the old wives tale.

What you can count on, is that most babies will arrive within 2 weeks of their estimated due date.

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