Fuller House: 15 Secrets No One Would Suspect

If you're anything like most people who grew up in the late eighties or early nineties then there's a strong possibility you have watched an episode or two of the popular sitcom Full House. It was a show was the widowed father and sportscaster Danny Tanner as he recruits the help of his brother-in-law/playboy Jesse and his comical friend Joey to help raise his three young daughters. Airing from 1987-1995, the ABC sitcom was a huge hit.

Fast-forward to 2016 and we find many of the original Full House members being cast in the new spin-off show Fuller House. Rather than a spin-off, it's more like a continuum of the original Full House. The new show centers around the eldest daughter D.J. Tanner who has lost her husband in a fatal accident and is now left alone to raise three boys by herself.

Much like in the original series, family members and friends graciously pitch in to help the young, single mother manage the challenge of parenthood. Most of them even move into The Tanner's famous childhood home in San Francisco (you know the one with the red door).

Even as wholesome and family-centered as both Full House and Fuller House are meant to be, there are a few things that most people sort of overlook about the cast. As with most TV shows, there is dirt.

So, we're here to fill you in on some of the nitty-gritty stuff that's gone on behind the scenes to this newer sitcom. Here goes!

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15 Danny Tanner Is Certainly Not OCD Off Camera


If you remember, the father Danny Tanner was a perfectly clean character on the show Full House. It would be an understatement to say that he was a neat freak and possibly a germaphobe, too. As the picture represents, he was the kind of fellow who cleaned his cleaning products.

As well as being a neat freak, he was sort of a goody-goody, too. He had a sensitive personality and excused an astounding sense of responsibility. In short, he was the grown-up where every other adult character still had a little child-like immaturity left in them. Not a lot changed in Fuller House.

Strangely enough, the actor Bob Saget who played Danny Tanner in both shows was the exact opposite. In fact, his behavior was often crude. For example, during a taping when he thought the cameras were off, he made obscene gestures at a stand-in. Little did he know that the monitors were still on and everyone could see. Oops!

14 Stephanie Tanner Often Mirrors Jodie Sweetin


Being the middle child is never easy. Just ask Stephanie Tanner who was often overshadowed by her TV big sister D.J. Tanner as well as her cute baby sister played by the Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen on Full House.

Stephanie was constantly struggling to express herself and get the approval of all the adults in her life. Seeking validation was pretty high on her list of things to do. And, she gave it 100% in all her singing, dancing, and artistic efforts. Once again, she delivers nothing less in Fuller House.

Not unlike the actress who plays her, Stephanie Tanner often mirrors the real life of Jodie Sweetin. Although Sweetin is an only child, she struggled with her own self-validation. Using both the arts and substance abuse to find herself, Sweetin's inner-battles often play out on the camera channeled through Stephanie Tanner.

13 But, Stephanie Tanner (Jodie Sweetin) Can Sing IRL


Like mentioned before, the middle child played by Jodie Sweetin was very artistically inclined. Not only did she frequently express herself in song and dance, but she was the most unique in developing a shameless personality.

On Fuller House, she is known as DJ Tanner. Confusing, I know. Her big sister is D.J. Tanner, but Stephanie is an actual disk jockey...so, DJ Tanner. She also starts a band featuring their annoying neighbor Kimmy Gibbler called Girl Talk.

Here's the thing, Jodie Sweetin can sing in real life. Uncle Jesse, real name John Stamos, and she performed a fundraiser together. He was on guitar while she sang at the mic. She even posted a video of it on social media.

12 Alanis Morissette Almost Ruined Uncle Joey


Speaking of music, Uncle Joey (Dave Coulier) also had his hands in the music scene for a while. While he wasn't an actual musician, but he sure did date one. He dated Alanis Morissette but they later broke up.

For decades, many people believed that her big hit song, "You Oughta Know, " was actually about him. The lyrics in the song are pretty much the opposite of Uncle Joey's personality and how we would like to imagine Dave Coulier's personality.

Years later, Coulier denied the rumors, saying, "First of all, the guy in that song is a real a-hole, so I don't want to be that guy." Considering those lyrics about what Morissette did to her ex in a movie theater, we certainly hope he's not.

11 Not Everyone Loves DJ Tanner As Much As We Thought


If you're like most people who were fans of Full House, you probably had a favorite character. For many young women, D.J. Tanner was that favorite. She was the big sister in the show and carried her role very well.

The actress who plays her, Candice Cameron Bure, created a buzz when she shares her conservative beliefs about marriage. She's been married to former NHL player Valeri Bure for 17 years, so obviously she's doing something right. Though, not everyone approves of her anymore. She spilled the beans in her book, Balancing It All: My Story of Juggling Priorities and Purpose.

Bure writes in her book: "My husband is a natural born leader. I quickly learned that I had to find a way of honoring his take-charge personality and not get frustrated about his desire to have the final decision on just about everything. I am not a passive person, but I chose to fall into a more submissive role in our relationship because I wanted to do everything in my power to make my marriage and family work."

10 DJ Tanner Is Her Father In More Ways Than One


The similarities between father and daughter are striking. The apple didn't fall far from  the tree when it comes to Danny Tanner and his TV daughter D.J. Tanner.

Danny Tanner lost his wife when he had a young family to raise. Six months after giving birth to her third child Michelle, Danny's wife Pam is killed by a drunk driver. Similarly, D.J. Tanner goes on to lose her husband in an untimely death. He was killed in the line of duty, but we haven't gotten details just yet.

Starting off on the same trauma-filled path in life, it's no surprise that D.J. becomes a lot like her father in many regards. Primarily, she becomes a cleanaholic. For those trying to psychologically analyze this, it's likely due to the insatiable need to feel in control of their lives due to losing a spouse. Or, they're both just really like things extra clean!

9 The Romantic Hindsight Is Crushing


There is always that TV couple that we want to see happen in real life. For Friends fans, can you really look at Jennifer Aniston in the tabloids without wanting to see David Schwimmer?

For the fans of Full House, the romance between Uncle Jesse (John Stamos) and Aunt Becky (Lori Loughlin) was the one couple we all wanted to see really happened. And, it almost did. They were a beautiful couple then and they are still just as gorgeous as a couple and individually. Apparently, they're ageless.

Both Stamos and Loughlin admit that the main reason the two didn't date because it was always the wrong timing. Either one of them was married or going through something and dating just wasn't in the cards. Stamos still says that Loughlin is the one that got away.

But, they renew their marriage vows after 25 years of TV marriage. Really, this only hurts us more.

8 There Is Somebody Missing And Nobody Really Knows Why


So, there were three Tanner girls in Full House, right? We've already talked about D.J. Tanner and her younger sister Stephanie, but there's one more. The sweet little Michelle Tanner was played by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.

The only problem with Fuller House is that they are nowhere to be found. The cast has made it blatantly obvious that the Olsen's absence is felt wholeheartedly. Her relatives sarcastically mention her absence on three different occasions (at one point even breaking the fourth wall and staring directly at the camera).

In one scene, Michelle’s sisters and Kimmy leave her a voicemail mentioning her cutesy “You’re in big trouble, mister” and “You got it, dude!” Danny Tanner points out in one episode that Michelle is busy running her fashion empire in New York City. So, no return home from Michelle yet, but the rumors are flying.

7 Their Was A Slight Feud About The Missing Characters


If you have followed the characters from Full House at all, you will know that John Stamos adores the Olsen twins. And, they adore him back. So, when he made the plans to revive the show, everyone assumed it would be a full family reunion.

But, it wasn't. Like mentioned before, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen haven't joined the Fuller House crew just yet. Apparently, there was some confusion about this and it all played out on social media.

John Stamos sent someone to ask the twins if they wanted to join the crew, but apparently, the message never got delivered. Mary-Kate claimed that she'd never even heard about the reunion and Stamos piped up with a "Bullsh*t" via Twitter. It was all ironed out once they spoke and discovered the missing message. Now, they're pals again.

6 We Can't Get Enough Of The Most Annoying Character


Most of the Tanners (and fans) continue to view their outspoken next-door neighbor as an annoyance. When she barges into their kitchen during her first appearance, Danny questions aloud why he never had the locks changed on the door. D.J. urges her family to “be nice” to her best friend.

When she’s donning a scarf decorated with bacon and eggs and putting her bare feet on the kitchen table during breakfast we can tell she’s the same Kimmy fans know from the original.

But she’s also a mom with a teenage daughter Ramona (Soni Bringas) and runs a seemingly successful party-planning business. It’s Kimmy who selflessly moves into the house to help D.J. care for her sons. And, we can't get enough of her now!

5 Full House Almost Ruined Fuller House


The idea of a reunion is one thing, but to actually follow through on it is a completely different ballgame. More often than not, reunions have proven to be a huge disappointment, but Fuller House is actually keeping it real and making us fall in love again.

But, it almost didn't happen. The following few points go into personal details on individual cast members, but all in all, drama rained down on some of Tanner Family.

When the show ended in 1995, it sort of threw everyone for a loop. Another network had planned to pick up the ninth season but dropped the ball last minute. So, it ended rather abruptly after the eighth season. Most of the young cast had literally grown up on that set, so it impacted them very hard. It nearly ruined a few careers, the impact was so severe.

4 Uncle Jesse Has A Few Drunken Skeletons In The Closet


Our beloved Uncle Jesse aka John Stamos usually has a pretty clean record, but he sort of slipped up a few years ago. Police pulled Stamos over after they'd received several calls about a possible drunk driver.

At the time, Stamos was driving alone and was transported to the nearby Cedars-Sinai Medical Center for observation due to a possible medical condition. Later, he pleaded no contest to one misdemeanor account of driving under the influence of a drug.

He faced three years probation, a three-month alcohol program for first time DUI offenders, and had to enter alcohol counseling with a private doctor. Stamos didn't fight any of it. He said he was going through a tough time after just losing his mother and reacted with bad decisions. That's the Stamos we love.

3 The Adult Humor Never Really Hits Home


As you probably know, the jokes in Full House were non-stop. I mean, everyone had a catchphrase and there was even a comedian on set, so what else could we expect. Honestly, that was part of its greatness.

But, Fuller House is throwing out the same humor without the same reception. In fact, it's sort of creating a few awkward moments. The language of the show almost seems unnatural and out-of-character for the typical family-friendly Tanners.

For instance, Uncle Jesse tells his wife, Becky (Lori Loughlin), that she used to have a firm butt as a result of climbing the stairs when they lived in the attic. The family members use words like “sexy” and “jackass” and mention “full-frontal Frenching” in their conversations with each other. It could very well be turning original fans away.

2 Stephanie Tanner Nearly Didn't See Fuller House Happen


As mentioned before, Full House ended after its eighth season and some of its members took it very hard. Namely, Jodie Sweetin. She was 13 years old when Full House called it quits. So, she was undoubtedly one of the younger ones who was really affected negatively.

She quickly spiraled down into the wasteland of addiction, even before she was out of her teen years. She spent much of her earnings on her crystal meth addiction. She started abusing at age 14, and by the age of 25, she was spending $10,000 on meth and cocaine.

After several stints in rehab, she has finally cleaned up her act. Though, not without some serious drama along the way. Along with her drug problems, she's also been married and divorced three times. She said instead of getting tattoos, she gets husbands. Needless to say, it's been a hard road for Sweetin.

1 The Set Is A Safe Haven For Some Cast Members


After working on the same set year after year, it sort of becomes like a home away from home. the set of Full House has a lot of history anyway. After Full House ended in 1995, Friends moved in. In fact, a pair of Dave Coulier's (Uncle Joey) underwear was still hanging from the rafters during the taping of Friends.

Unsurprisingly, the set became a second home to many of the Full House cast members and has once again become a safe haven for the crew of Fuller House. Jodie Sweetin was one in particular that used it as a safety zone when one of her exes was getting aggressive.

Cast members have crashed there for some much-needed rest and relaxation, and it generally serves as a time-out zone for them from the busyness of real life adulting.

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