10 Fun Fall Family Activities

There are lots of fun things to do during every season of the year, including Fall. Since the days seem a little bit shorter, and the weather seems a bit cooler, lots of people tend to enjoy nature walks during this time of the year. There’s nothing quite like taking a moment to check out all of the beauty that Fall brings along with it by taking a calm and peaceful walk.

There are also lots of fun activities for families as well. Here are just a few of the most interesting things parents and their children can participate in during Fall.

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10 Throw A Party

Kids and adults love parties, so Fall is the perfect time for them to enjoy one together. Parents can throw parties that are kid-friendly, and they can host them outside so that everyone has a chance to enjoy the crisp Fall weather.

To make things a bit more fun, you can also add a theme. Monster themed parties are a lot of fun for people of all ages, and so are woodland parties, and they are both pretty simple and fun to plan.

Woodland parties usually include treats like caterpillar kebabs, or toadstool mushrooms. Woodland parties also usually include games like Pin The Tail On The Fawn and Wise Owl Says.

9 Pick Some Apples

Parents who are looking for something to do with their children during the Fall season should consider planning an apple-picking adventure. Picking apples is a great way for a family to make memories they won’t soon forget, since it is typically enjoyable for everyone.

This is also an awesome way to teach little ones about nature, as well as the beauty that comes along with it during every season of the year. Apple-picking is a tradition loved by many, and it’s easy to see why. Those who pick apples usually feel pretty calm while they are doing it, and it also helps strengthen the bond between family members and friends.

8 Jump Into Leaves

Jumping into a pile of leaves is fun no matter how old a person is, so it is definitely something children enjoy. This activity is loads of fun, and it is also easy to prepare for.

Parents can just rake up all of the leaves in the yard (or they can ask their children to do it), and place them in one or more giant piles. Then, the little ones can enjoy jumping in the mountains of leaves for a few hours.

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Kids get a lot of fun out of this, and it also gives their parents time to get some things done around the house, or just enjoy some downtime. Families can also take some cute pictures while they are doing this.

7 Decorate A Pumpkin Or Two

Pumpkins are a pretty big deal during the Fall season, and families can make some cool memories by decorating them together. Carving pumpkins is always fun, but sometimes it can be hard, especially for those who have never done it before.

If parents are not up for carving them, they can get together with their children and glue some cute decorations on them instead. They can also color pumpkins with markers to create some beautiful masterpieces.

Pumpkins can be given all kinds of fun looks. Kids can even make their pumpkins look like their favorite animals, or fictional characters they love.

6 Check Out The Nearest Pumpkin Patch

People of all ages usually enjoy heading to their local pumpkin patches, which is why this is another great activity for families to participate in once Fall rolls around. There are lots of things parents can do with their children at a pumpkin patch.

Many of them have farms, which means lots of kids learn about barnyard animals, and they can pet them as well. They also have adorable props that allow families to pose for cute photographs. Pumpkin patches are something children of all ages get a kick out of, since there are also fun things for teenagers to do. Older kids can enjoy hayrides.

5 Create Cool Halloween Costumes

Kids love dressing up in costumes, so making costumes is a fun thing for the whole family to do together when Halloween is approaching. Making costumes is not always easy, but it is a fun thing for the whole family to participate in.

There is no shortage of cool ideas when it comes to homemade Halloween costumes. Many of them are pretty easy to create, like this Vampire Bat costume. Since lots of adults like wearing costumes during that time of the year, parents can also make one or two for themselves, and their little ones can help create those as well.

4 Go To Family-Friendly Haunted Houses

Haunted houses and corn mazes are not just for adults, since they can be fun for the whole family. If parents want to take their offspring to events like this, they need to do some research ahead of time to find out which ones are child-friendly, since some of them can be a bit too scary for little ones to handle.

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Non-scary haunted houses and corn mazes are wonderful Fall family activities. They usually feature fun scenes, as well as characters that little ones know and love, which ensures that they will have a delightful time at events like this.

3 Make Some Seasonal Treats

Kids love sugary treats, and they also like to make them, so that is definitely something parents should plan to do with their offspring when Fall arrives. Pumpkin pie is something many people love, but there are actually lots of other tasty autumn treats families can make as well.

Maple hot chocolate is delicious, and it is really easy to make. Hot chocolate pudding ghosts are also really tasty, and they are pretty fun to create as well. Kids are big fans of helping their parents out in the kitchen, so they will love making yummy creations like these sweet Fall treats.

2 Decorate The House

Decorating is something both parents and children seem to enjoy, so another fun Fall activity families can participate in is decorating the house. Some decorations are spooky, and others are simply cute and humorous.

Pumpkins can be very useful for things like this. Parents can carve out the center of the pumpkin and use it as a vase to put some beautiful flowers in, or they can simply put some refreshments in them if they are having a family-friendly party.

Kids can also help their parents make a creepy and festive pumpkin scarecrow for the front yard. This is the perfect Fall activity for children since it allows them to tap into their creative side.

1 Play Some Fall Games

There are lots of fun games for families to play when Fall arrives, and Feed The Pumpkin is one of them. In order to play this game, someone has to draw a big pumpkin on a poster board, and then cut out the shape of the mouth before coloring the rest of the pumpkin in.

After that, the board must be propped up, and every player has to have a few ears of corn. All the players stand in a line, and they each get the chance to throw their corn in the mouth of the pumpkin, which is where the name of this game comes from.

Every time corn is “fed” to the pumpkin, that player gets a point. The person who walks away with the most points at the end of the game is the winner.

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