10 Fun Ways To Involve Your Partner In A Maternity Shoot

Many times during a pregnancy you can feel less than glamorous. From morning sickness to just feeling run down pregnancy can be hard. But a great way to celebrate your pregnancy and becoming a mother is doing a maternity shoot. A maternity shoot is when a mom can feel like a model, but what about your partner? You do not want your partner to be sitting out not being able to share this joy of expecting. So we have come up with ten ways you can involve your partner in a maternity shoot in a way they will be able to join in.

10 Who's Expecting?

Okay, so this one might not be everyone's cup of tea, but we know you did smile when you saw this picture. This type of photo might not be how you want your whole maternity shoot to go, but for a few photos for your partner to love and show their friends, it is worth it.

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This photo lets you show your humor and just have fun before your little one arrives. So do not be afraid to get a little silly and have little fun during your maternity shoot!

9 Use The Scripture

If you are a religious person, then a great way for you to include both God and your partner is to write out your favorite scripture. Having you and your partner holding up a sheet or piece of paper with a line of scripture will show the world that you two are strong together thanks to your beliefs. Allowing your maternity shoot to have your partner and God in it might just be what you want.

8 Sweet Moments

A wonderful way to get you, your belly and your partner in the shoot is to have both of you laying down. Having your partner rest their head on your belly is intimate since that is where your baby is. This will be a shot that can show peace, love, and happiness all at once. Your partner placing their head on your belly will show that even though they are not carrying the baby they are still connected to them.

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So let your photography capture a sweet moment between you and your partner during your maternity shoot.

7 A Look Into Your Future

When you are expecting your first child all you can think about is meeting your little one. You shop for everything that you need months before the baby arrives, so why not show off how prepared you are. A great way for you to show people how you and your partner are feeling about your expecting child is to show how you cannot wait to meet them. Having you and your partner look down at a baby item you bought for your child will capture the pure loving look in your eyes of wanting to be a parent.

6 Still In Love

Remember the day you and your partner knew you were the one? The smile on your face, the glow around you and not you taw are expecting a baby. Let your partner in on your maternity shoot by you two showing the world that you are still as in love from that very first day.

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This is a great way to show people that it’s your love that is bringing a new life into this world. We know this photo is going to be something that you look back with fond memories.

5 A Gentle Kiss

A sweet way to include your partner into your maternity shoot is to have them show their love to your baby. A gentle kiss on your belly will show the world how proud your partner is of the little bundle of joy you two created together. This type of photo will help make your partner feel included and connected in something that you get to experience every day of your pregnancy. So let your partner show their emotions and how they are truly excited and let them give your belly a little kiss.

4 Involve The Whole Family

If this is not your first baby and you still want a maternity shoot you might not want just to involve your partner you might want to involve your other kids too! You want to be able to capture the moment of your life before your new little one arrives and one of the best ways to capture it is to have your partner and kids in some shoots with you.

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These photos are something sweet you can share with your baby after they grow up to show them how excited everyone was to meet them.

3 Pregnancy Woes

Although the end result of seeing your baby is worth is all pregnancy is not easy. During a pregnancy you can experience morning sickness, swelling, bloating, aches and pain, and so much more. But even with everything that comes along with pregnancy once you are holding your little one all of this discomfort will be forgotten. Use your maternity shoot to show the world how difficult it is to be an expecting mom. Not only that use the shot to show how your partner is helping you through all of these tough times.

2 A Shadow Of Truth

A creative way to get your partner involved with a maternity shoot is to have fun playing with shadow. This picture is great since the heart shadow is right on the expecting mom’s stomach. This is adorable since even though the partner is not in the shot directly, their love is still strong enough to be caught on camera.

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A type of shot like this will make all of your friends jealous that they didn’t think of it. Let your partner in on some fun during your maternity shoot and let them cast shadows of love.

1 No Distance Between Us

There are times when you are expecting when your partner cannot be with you even though they want to be. But thanks to modern technology your partner can still be in your maternity shoot no matter where they are in the world. Have your partner take a photo from where they are and have your photography add their photo to yours. This will let you feel like no distance can truly ever keep you two apart and this will surely be something that your family and friends will love.

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