This Funny Video Shows Young Boy Learning Taxes Thanks To A Game Of Monopoly

A video of a boy crying about taxes in a game of Monopoly has gone viral because we all relate to his pain. While he may not know the full truth of how paying your taxes hurts, he has certainly gotten a taste of what it’s like to give your hard-earned money to the authorities. Even as adults, some of us may have shed a tear or two when we had to file our taxes.

Monopoly is a fun game about property, money, and how that’s all managed. Other than teaching kids how to strategize, the board game also paints a basic picture of how taxes and rebates work. Every time you pass “Go,” you can collect some money from the bank. Depending on the “Chance” and “Community Chest” cards you can get, you’ll either owe the bank or collect a cheque from them. The banker also has to learn how to assess a player’s property and wealth, and the person playing as it learns some basic accounting.

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The video shows a young boy named Dony sitting on the floor and crying about the game he just played. The person recording the video asks him where all his money went, and he replies sadly with, “taxes.” After saying that word, Dony begins to break down crying as someone in the background counts (presumably) his money. The camera person reassures Dony that everything is okay and it’s all part of the game. He strongly disagrees, however, and says that taxes are the worst part of the game.

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Little does Dony know that it’s also part of the game of actual life. He’ll have to pay taxes when he’s older, whether he likes it or not. Maybe in the future he won’t cry as bad when he has to file his taxes; after all, he did have some practice dealing with the fact the bank takes part of his income back when he played Monopoly as a kid.

Many users online shared the video because they related to Dony’s struggles. It is true that taxes are not fun, and some argue that it is the worst part of the “game.” As we shed a tear for all the money that goes to the state, we just have to remember what the taxes are paying for. In Dony’s case, his taxes went to the ruthless banker who was counting his money off-camera.

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