Gabrielle Union & Eva Longoria Think Famous Moms Should Bring Their Babies To Red Carpet Events

These Hollywood actresses want to bring their children to work; not just on the sets of their projects, but also to red carpet premieres. Both actresses Eva Longoria and Gabrielle Union have said that they would like to normalize bringing babies on the red carpet. This is because they often feel stressed about leaving their babies behind.

According to People Magazine, both Longoria and Union said that they would like to rewrite the rules of working parenthood- at least in the Hollywood world, that is. Calling themselves a part of an unofficial society of film industry mothers, they say that they’d like to encourage more moms to bring their babies at their premieres, too. Of course, a lot of Hollywood actors and actresses like to bring their families onto the red carpet for their movie premieres. But more often than not, the youngest members are left at home in the care of a trusted nanny.

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Longoria and Union say that their decision to speak out was influenced by British filmmaker Greta Bellamacina. Just this past May, she was turned away when she decided to bring her infant to the Cannes Film Festival. Even though she was on hand for the screening of her own film, Hurt By Paradise, the festival’s officials didn’t think it was a good idea for her to bring her infant along.

If that weren’t enough, Union also says that she would like to change the ways mothers appear on the big screen. Up until now, she says that many mothers are portrayed as someone who either does all of the work for their family, or is suffering in one form or another.

“Watching television now, I can absolutely tell when a man wrote the role of a woman being a mother," she explained. "It’s either she’s Madonna Mary perfect or has some super-human strength, or she is just one long-ass f—ing sacrifice. But there is no nuance.”

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Meanwhile, Longoria says that being a mother has definitely change the way that she looks at the world. Because of today’s political climate and how things seem to be getting more and more dangerous, she admits to having anxiety and wanting to make a change. While she does point out that she has certain privileges as a Hollywood actress, the industry still has a long way to go. Luckily, Longoria says that she can help make certain changes through her activism and philanthropy.

Longoria added, “I have my family. I have resources and help. I have a supportive husband. So, there’s that disclaimer. But it is uncommon in our industry for women to direct and produce, much less so a woman with a baby. I have anxiety now about leaving the world a better place. My heart breaks in a way it has never broken before.”

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