Gabrielle Union Shares Heartwarming Birthday Message To Baby Kaavia

Baby Kaavia Wade is the daughter of Bring It On star-turned-America’s Got Talent judge, Gabrielle Union-Wade and Dwayne Wade of the Miami Heat, retired NBA all-star Shooting Guard.

With high achieving and epically talented parents such as the Wade’s, sweet Kaavia has been born into stardom with big shoes to fill. As the first birthday milestone approached for this future star, new mom Gabrielle took to Instagram to share a heartfelt message with followers about her first year of motherhood. Becoming a mother is one of life’s greatest treasures. The one-year milestone for most is a huge accomplishment. Gabrielle shared her intimate fears in her Instagram post about life as a new mom.

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In Gabrielle’s raw post, she details out each fear she faced speaking directly to Baby Kaavia. “Scared to hold you. Scared to burp you. Scared to reveal I have no clue what I'm doing. Scared to go to work. Scared to stay home. Scared when you sleep. Scared when you wake up. Scared I'm not living up to some impossible standard of motherhood," she emotionally wrote. "Scared I'd lose myself. Scared I'd be exposed as a failure, as less than, not as good as, not as comfortable as, not as... anything,". “but there you were, everyday, looking up at me, like ‘gurl, you got this!'"

Just when we thought it couldn’t get any sweeter, Gabrielle continued, “When I let go of my fears of judgement and just did my best and recognized that my best would and could change from day to day and life would magically go on... Man, I finally allowed myself to just enjoy you @kaaviajames and relax into the peace of imperfection. She added, "1 year in and your whole village stays smiling."

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Gabrielle conceded, writing, “The family you know and all the cyber aunties and uncles you may never meet, we celebrate you." This unfiltered mother displaying her truest self for all the world has us stopped in our tracks while we reflect over our own journey through parenthood. Hanging on to each moment and treasuring the milestones has become what life is all about.

Gabrielle wears motherhood like a red carpet ensemble, wowing the multitudes with grace and poise. Baby Kaavia has hit the jackpot when it comes to parents. I think I speak for everyone when I say having the privilege of witnessing such a milestone as this first birthday; I’m on the edge of my seat with this family awaiting the next big moment.

As for birthday party plans, we will just have to wait and see. According to Kaavia’s Instagram account, although we are able to peek into her world via this social media platform headed by mom truly, details of this occasion are tight-lipped. We do, however, get to see several photos posted of Kaavia with the caption, “I’m 1!!! BYOB. Bring your own bacon, cuz that thick cut maple is all me.” Followed by emojis and over 9,500 comments. Way to set the stage for future inside views into this adorable family Ms. Wade. Thousands of followers are staying tuned on the edge of their seats! With as sweet and cuddly as little Kaavia James is, I just can’t get enough of her picture perfect self.

With a look back to earlier posts, the following has sky rocketed to 977,000 in just this first short year of Kaavia’s life. With a post acknowledging 500,000 in March, the multitude is all here hanging on every smile. I think it’s safe to say to date the most viewed, commented, liked post is the very true and real words of Gabrielle Union Wade in her daughters all about life milestone post. With views totalling a staggering 1,458,901 in just three days, Ms. Wade, you ma’am said it all. As a mother-of-five, no truer words have been spoken. The love of a mother runs deep.

These ‘rents are celebrating their little blessing one day at a time. Or should I say one Instagram famous smile at a time? She is described as “Joyous” as the photo scroll, milestone caption says. The joy in her face is apparent. Good job mom and dad. I took to the comments section to see what others had to say and it is obvious there is a lot of love from the cyber aunties and uncles as the Wade’s called them. Happy Birthday, baby Kaavia!

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