Gabrielle Union Opens Up About Surrogacy, It Felt Like "Surrendering To Failure"

Gabrielle has finally opened up about her decision to use a surrogate. It's easy to jump to conclusions when we hear about celebs turning to surrogacy during their pregnancy. We might assume that they simply don't want to go through the physical pain and discomfort of pregnancy, and instead, they choose to pay someone else to do that work for them. But we rarely hear about the psychological struggles women go through when they do decide to use a surrogate.

Gabrielle Union poured her heart out in a touching interview recently published in Women's Health MagazineThe 46-year-old Hollywood star admitted that this decision weighed heavily on her for a long time, and she's just starting to get over it. According to her, turning to a Surrogate felt like giving up. It felt like failure. She wanted to carry that baby herself, and it crushed her when she found out that this just wasn't possible.

According to moms.com, the famous actress suffers from an infertility issue known as adenomyosis. Women who suffer from this condition experience the lining of their uterus breaking through the muscle wall. This can cause lower abdominal pain, heavy menstrual cycles, bloating and other serious problems.

So what did Gabrielle Union have to say about her decision? She was quoted as saying: "There's nothing more that I wanted than to cook my own baby. The idea of [using a surrogate] felt like surrendering to failure. People want to see the bump, hear that you got hemorrhoids—they want to know you're like them. I was like, 'This is going to seem like the most Hollywood s--t ever. Will I be embraced as a mom?' It's terrifying."

One thing's for sure - Gabrielle Union received far more attention than the average pregnant woman. Millions of people were interested in her pregnancy and wanted to hear all the little details. Pregnancy is hard enough to handle as an average woman. But add fame the equation, and you've got a recipe for even more stress and discomfort.



And when a celebrity has a baby, they have to deal with all kinds of judgment. Having a surrogate baby just added fuel to that flame. But Gabrielle Union's choice to be open and honest about her decisions and her feelings was the best decision she could have made. In the past, she admitted to Oprah that she had experienced a total of eight miscarriages.

The good news is that Gabrielle Union is a confident, driven woman. Although she might feel inadequate at times, she doesn't let that feeling take control of her entire life. And in that sense, we can all learn from this actress. She's just like any other woman in many ways. And we're so glad to hear that she's on the path towards self-acceptance, and she's living her life with dignity and honor.

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