Gal and 25 Other Marvelous Baby Names From Israel

There are so many gorgeous baby names from Israel. Today, it's time to put the spotlight on 26 of them, including Gal, which is the first name of Wonder Woman actress, Gal Godot. She was born in Israel, among other actors like Natalie Portman was.

The list also includes information about meanings; moms-to-be love researching baby name for their sentimental value, so they can learn about names without any intense Googling. It's always nice to find a baby name with a meaning that resonates; in Israel, parents-to-be do tend to care a lot about what baby names mean. Moms-to-be in America and Canada may feel the same.

What's most important, though, is that an expectant mom loves the way a name sounds. Expectant moms should also consider the way that first names pair with last names and middle names. Short first names work well with longer last names and vice versa.

Some of these baby names are currently very popular in Israel. Others aren't as common. Today's list features a good mixture of popular and more unusual baby girl names.

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26 Gal

This pretty baby name from Israel means, "wave", according to Babynamewizard.com, and it's gender-neutral. If you love the water, and you're also a fan of Gal Godot from Wonder Woman, then calling your baby daughter, Gal will be a smart decision. It's easy to say and spell. Since it has just one syllable, it's also a great choice as a middle name.

Gal Godot is currently part of a Reebok sportswear campaign and she says that her New Year's resolution is to improve her emotional, physical and mental strength. She's a role model now because she's played a female superhero that inspires people of all ages.

25 Adinah


Adinah is a lovely baby daughter name from Israel. Its Hebrew meaning is "voluptuous" and "delicate". Feminine and pretty, this classic baby name may be just right for your precious baby. Adinah has three syllables, so it's a good choice to pair with a shorter last name of one or two syllables. If you're choosing a short first name, Adinah will work well as a middle name. Some people may shorten this name to "Dina" or "Dinah", so make sure that you're comfortable with the shorter versions, too. Source: Everydayfamily.com

24 Daliah


Daliah is a gorgeous baby name from Israel which means, "gentle" or "branch", according to Nameberry.com. This baby name has Hebrew origins and may be spelled without or without the "H" at the end. Daliah sounds amazing, but is it right for your baby daughter? If you love flowers, it might be. It sounds a lot like Dahlia, which is the name of a bold flower which may grow as large as a supper plate. Dahlias aren't tiny, delicate flowers. They really stand out.

23 Esther


This baby name from Israel means, "star". That's a nice baby name meaning, isn't it? The most famous Esther was definitely Queen Esther, who was the wife of Persia's king. She saved many Jewish people. If you want to name your daughter after a true heroine, Esther may be the baby name that you've been looking for. It's a strong name which may inspire your daughter to do great things, just like her namesake. Esther is believed to be a variation of the name of the Mesopotamian goddess, Ishtar. Source: Kveller.com

22 Rhoda


The name, Rhoda, is popular in Israel, although it has Greek origins. According to Chabad.org, it means, "a rose". Roses are stunning examples of Mother Nature's bounty. They are gorgeous flowers that are symbols or love or friendship, depending on their color. Red roses symbolize love and yellow roses symbolize friendship. If you want to name your daughter after this beautiful flower, why not call her Rhoda? It's not as commonplace as the name, Rose, but has the same inspiring meaning.

21 Golda


Golda is a name that's derived from the name of a precious metal. The name means, "gold'. Your daughter is going to be more precious than gold to you. She's going to be the most precious person in your life. This is why calling her Golda will be such a great way to show the world just how precious she is. This name is simple to say and spell. It's a show-stopping baby name from Israel which makes a perfect first or middle name. While it's popular in Israel, this name has English origins. Source: Babynamewizard.com

20 Leah


Leah is a lovely and simple name for a baby daughter. It has just two syllables, it's classic and traditional and it is popular in Israel. This Hebrew name means, "delicate". If you love this name's meaning and how it sounds, why not call your baby, Leah? Since this name is short, it's also a great choice for a baby daughter's middle name. Middle names are often shorter than first names, although rules are made to be broken. When it comes to baby names, you should go with your gut. Any first or middle names that you love will be perfect. Source: Kveller.com

19 Matilda


Michelle Williams named her daughter by the late actor, Heath Ledger, Matilda. It's a pretty name that's a little bit fancier than some baby girl names, because it has three syllables. Longer names do tend to have fancy vibes. The name, Matilda, means, "a woman of valour", according to Chabad.org. When you choose this name, you may call your daughter Tilly for short, or just use the long, formal name instead. It's a pretty, feminine name that has stood the test of time.

18 Ida


The baby name, Ida, means, "hard working woman", according to Babynames.net. If you dream of raising a future leader, such as a CEO, this name may be the perfect choice. This pretty baby name from Israel isn't too commonplace. It's unique enough to be really special. Plus, it's just three letters and two syllables. It's simple and easy to say and spell. Ida is a total classic. It's attractive, without being too long or complicated. It's a beautiful name for a precious baby daughter.

17 Miriam


This traditional and lovely baby name from Israel means, "rising water", according to Kveller.com. This name has a soft sound that's so pretty. It feels very feminine and classic. Miriam is also popular enough to be recognizable, without being the most common baby name around. You might want to shorten this name to Mira sometimes, but the long version is gorgeous just as it is. Since it has three syllables, it will pair very well with a shorter last name. Is Miriam right for your baby daughter?

16 Sarah


This name is so popular, in Israel and in many other parts of the world, including America and Canada. Sarah is one of the most traditional female baby names around. Everyone recognizes the name, although it's sometimes spelled without the "H' at the end. The name's meaning is, "princess", according to Babynamewizard.com. Since it does mean princess, it's not surprising that so many Moms decide to call their own little princesses Sarah. Easy to say and spell, it's got two syllables, so it works well with pretty much every length of last name.

15 Ruth


If you have a long last name and you're searching for a cute, one-syllable name for your baby daughter, Ruth may be perfect. This traditional female baby name from Israel means, "friend", "companion" and "vision of beauty", according to Sheknows.com. The various meanings of this feminine name are pretty inspiring. Your daughter is going to be your BFF and companion and you will think that your daughter is a vision of beauty. If you love simple names that aren't too out there, Ruth may be the perfect choice.

14 Yiska


Yiska is a Hebrew baby name that means, "sight of royalty", "desirous to the eyes" and "to see prophetically", according to Chabad.org. If you're looking for a unique name which comes from Israel, you may find that naming your daughter Yiska feels right. This name sounds amazing and it's different enough to be interesting. It's a name that's going to stand out. Since it has a couple of syllables, it will pair well with any types of middle and last names.

13 Zelda


Names that start with "Z" are so interesting, aren't they? There aren't that many "Z" names overall, so they do get noticed. If you want a female baby name from Israel that does start with "Z", Zelda will be a great choice. According to En.wikipedia.org, this baby name means, "happy" and "blessed". Those meanings are just what you want, right? Zelda is the female version of a Yiddish name, Selig. Zelda is an interesting and versatile first name with two syllables.

12 Tamar


This name is so nice, isn't it? Tamar means, "date palm", or "date" (the sweet fruit) or "palm tree", according to En.wikipedia.org. It's a Hebrew name that is popular in Israel. If you love baby names from Israel, you may fall in love with the name, Tamar. It's pretty, it's not too long or complicated and it's special. If you want a longer name, consider adding a syllable, by choosing the similar baby name, Tamara. Tamar is a bit more original than Tamara, but both names are beautiful.

11 Avigail


This name means, "father's joy", according to Thenamemeaning.com. It's not so well-known as the name, Abigail, but has much the same soft and feminine sound. Since Avigail has three syllables, it'll be an ideal choice for a shorter surname.

Avigail is a unique and beautiful baby name from Israel, which is definitely a feminine choice. Shorten the name to Gail or Avi if you wish, or use the full name...and then insist that others do the same. Sometimes, parents get frustrated when other people shorten their kid's names, so be aware that plenty of people are bound to call your daughter Gail if you choose this name.

10 Adele


The most famous Adele in the world is from Britain and she has a very impressive singing voice. The "Rolling in the Deep" singer has dazzled the world and this is why the baby name, Adele, is gaining popularity in North America and Europe. But it's actually a perennial favorite which has long been popular in Israel...and not because of the British crooner. According to Israelhayom.com, this name is number eight in popularity for female baby names in Israel. The name means, "noble".

9 Shira


This pretty baby name from Israel means, "song", according to Babynamewizard.com. Shira sounds lovely, has a great meaning and is unique, without being too different. If you love the soft sound of this name, as well as its simplicity (it has just two syllables), why not call your baby Shira? It's also a good choice as a middle name. Since it isn't too long or short, it'll pair well with so many middle and last names. Shira is a name that you'll never grow tired of.

8 Yael


This name means, "mountain goat", according to Babynamewizard.com. That's a unique baby name meaning, isn't it? I personally find goats cute, so the name's meaning is not a deterrent. Yael is an interesting and attractive name that comes from Israel. It's a very short name, so it's a good choice if your baby daughter will have a long last name. Short first names and long last names create perfect balance. If you love this name, give it to your daughter. It's a wonderful name from Israel.

7 Noyah


This stunning baby name for females means, "divine beauty" and "ornament", according to Thenamemeaning.com. When your daughter is born, you're going to marvel at her beauty, because her presence in your life will feel like such a miracle. You'll be inspecting her tiny fingers and toes and generally feel dazzled by everything about her. This is why choosing a name that means, "divine beauty" will be so appropriate. If you love the soft sound of the name, Noyah, why not give it to your baby daughter?

6 Taliah


This inspiring baby name from Israel means, "by the water" and "gentle dew from heaven", according to Nameberry.com. Taliah may be spelled the traditional way, with an "H" at the end, or spelled without the "H". These days, lots of moms-to-be customize baby name spelling to suit their preferences. However, the classic version of this baby name from Israel does have the "H" at the end. This name has three syllables, so it's a superb choice for a short last name.

5 Noa


Noa means, "motion" or 'movement", according to En.wikipedia.org. If you love the world of dance, or you're athletic in general, the meaning of this appealing female baby name from Israel may resonate with you. Noa is beautiful, simple and easy to say and spell. It's a great baby name choice with Hebrew origins. Since this name is short, it's an ideal choice for a middle name, too. This name is also popular in Hawaii and in Japan. It has different meanings in those places.

4 Eliza


Based on information from Sheknows.com, this name means, "God is satisfaction" or "oath of God." Eliza is sometimes a shortened version of other names, including Bethany, Bethia and Elizabeth. If you enjoy the sound of the name, Eliza, and like its meaning, too, it'll be a great choice for your baby daughter. This name does have an old-fashioned vibe. There is something timeless about it. If you prefer the classic to the new and edgy, consider this baby name from Israel.

3 Lilah


This name is a shorter version of the name, Delilah. Lilah is a stunning girl's baby name from Israel which sounds so pretty, refined and feminine. You may use the traditional spelling, with the "H" at the end, or spell the name, Lila. When it comes to baby names, it's all up to you. You'll never regret giving your baby the name that you love best, with the spelling that feels right to you. This name means, "one who weakens", according to Ohbabynames.com.

2 Hannah


This lovely baby name from Israel means, "favor" or "grace", according to En.wikipedia.org. Hannah is a very popular name. It's well-known in Israel and all over the world. It's a name that isn't unique, but it's beautiful. It's remained a popular choice through the decades and centuries. It has a great meaning, sounds pretty and has just two syllables. It pairs well with a variety of middle and last names. If you love the way that Hannah sounds, why not give this special name to your baby daughter?

1 Eliana


This last name on the list has four syllables, so it does seem very fancy. It you prefer longer names which feel really special, why not call your baby daughter Eliana? It is a name that sounds beautiful. There's something exquisite about it. This name means, "God has answered", according to TheBump.com. You may feel like your every wish has been granted when your daughter it born. You're going to be ecstatic. So, this baby name meaning may really resonate with you.

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