These Game Of Thrones Baby Photos Are Everything

Shannon Leigh Studios has released photos of newborn babies in adorable Game of Thrones outfits. The well-loved show has come to an end, but the hype surrounding the characters, stories, and outfits will surely continue. Now, we have the opportunity to celebrate this hype by looking at adorable photos of newborns in full costume.

While they’re young, children will often be influenced by their parents’ tastes. From a young age, kids will be exposed to the music, shows, movies, sports teams, or hobbies their parents love. Many of us find this as a starting point to bond with our parents over something mutually enjoyed. Now, with the presence of various kinds of media and technology, kids have photo evidence of their parents’ nerdiness imposed on them.

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Via: Shannon Leigh Studios

Shannon Leigh and her husband, Shawn, work together creating beautiful photos of babies, children, and expecting mothers. In tribute to their favourite TV show, some of their clients have opted to have their newborns photographed in special Game of Thrones-themed outfits. All the props and outfits were made by the two, and the amount of work they put into detailing each item is amazing. Backgrounds include an iron throne and the dark stone walls of the castle in King’s Landing. From Daenerys’ dragon eggs to Jon Snow’s Valerian steel sword, the details of each photo are incredible.

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It was just a matter of time that the pair offered Game of Thrones as a theme for their photos. In the past, they have pandered to fans of Harry Potter, Star Wars, Wizard of Oz, and Beauty and the beast—just to name a few. Appealing to the fan culture is a good way to attract business. Die-hard fans will like almost anyone who appreciates the things they love.

Via: Shannon Leigh Studios

With a stomach full of milk and a relatively quiet room, the newborns can be properly photographed. Whether it’s sitting on the throne or holding a sword, Shannon and Shawn know how to get the perfect shot. Parents can happily come home with a photo of their kids on the iron throne in hopes that perhaps, one day, they will grow up to sit on one.

All image credits go to Shannon Leigh Studios 

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