Game of Thrones Fan Theory Says Cersei's Pregnancy May Cause Her To Lose The Iron Throne

If you aren’t caught up with Game of Thrones, beware: this article will contain spoilers!

According to this new fan theory, Tyrion’s knowledge of Cersei’s pregnancy just ruined her plans for controlling the iron throne. Using his cleverness, Tyrion was attempting to negotiate her surrender. Even though he was unsuccessful, he may have unintentionally succeeded in planting seeds of doubt amongst Cersei’s allies.

Throughout the show, it has been clear that Cersei loves her children. Even though many see her as a monster, she could never do harm to her own kids. This was especially evident during Joffrey’s reign, as he was the monster everyone hated; however, Cersei tolerated and continued to love him despite his craziness. Once she lost all her children, Cersei had no more reason to show compassion or mercy.

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Cersei has strategically used her pregnancy to sway the opinions of both Jaime and Euron. Prior to his departure to the North, Jaime continued to serve Cersei despite her violent requests because she told him that she is pregnant with his baby. While Euron is already fighting for her, Cersei convinced him that she is bearing his child, so his loyalties will remain with her. This way, no matter what happens, Cersei will always have leverage over him.

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In his appeal to Cersei, Tyrion acknowledges this unconditional love she has for her children. This is the reason he cites for believing that she’s not a monster. However, Tyrion mentions that he knows Cersei is currently with child, and this is the root of the problem. Just moments before the two queens’ standoff, Cersei tells Euron that she is pregnant with his child. If this were true, then there’s no way that Tyrion would have known that she is currently pregnant. The identity of the child’s father is now uncertain, and Euron has reason to distrust his queen.

No matter what the truth is, Cersei definitely knows how to use all her assets to her advantage—including a pregnancy. Tyrion has exposed her tactics, and it will be interesting to see how this affects the alliances. While nothing is certain, one thing will remain true: Cersei will forever love her children, both past and future ones.

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