Game of Thrones Helped This Mom Heal From Her Miscarriage, So She Named Her Daughter 'Khaleesi'

Katherine Acosta decided to name her daughter “Khaleesi” because Game of Thrones helped her get through a miscarriage in the past. In tribute to the show that took her mind off of the pain of losing a baby, Acosta thought it was only appropriate to name her baby after a strong woman in the series. She should get ready for all the dragon-related gifts she will be receiving for Khaleesi.

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In the show, Khaleesi loses her baby in the first season. After charming and winning the admiration of Khal Drogo and the Dothraki, Daenerys begins her journey of becoming the queen she was destined to be. However, just as things are going well, she loses her baby and her husband on the same day. Despite losing so much, Daenerys was able to stand back up, regain her strength, and become the Mother of Dragons.

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In 2017, Acosta and her husband, Rubio, were excited to have a child. However, 12 weeks into the pregnancy, she lost the baby, and it was heartbreaking for the couple. To ease her pain, Acosta decided to lose herself in the show, Game of Thrones. Eventually, with a little luck, she was pregnant again, and this time with twins. They decided to name their son Ruben after his grandpa and their daughter Khaleesi. However, tragedy struck again when she lost their son during the pregnancy. Khaleesi was born two months early, and despite the loss of her brother, she fought to make it into the world.

Acosta decided to name her daughter Khaleesi not just because of the strength the character gave her, but also the strength the name could give her daughter in the future. As an expecting mom, Acosta was inspired because she saw Daenerys lose her child but gain three dragons after the pain—much like how she lost her baby and gained twins after the loss. As a mom-in-the-making, she wants her daughter to grow up strong. However, Khaleesi has already proved to be a fighter, as she somehow made it into the world despite all the complications experienced.

Finally, the family is home and happy spending time together. For sure, Khaleesi will be treated like the queen she was destined to be. Perhaps one day, she will watch Game of Thrones with her parents so that she knows the strong origins of her name.

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