‘Game Of Thrones’ Star Lena Headey Reveals Cersei Actually Had A Miscarriage

Many Game of Thrones fans are still fuming over the lacklustre series finale that aired last month, with many critics taking issues with the amount of stories lines that were unresolved or appeared unimportant by the beloved show’s end.

One of those plotlines includes the fact that villainess Cersei discovered she was pregnant at the end of the second to last season. And even though it was her lover Jamie’s child, in the eighth season she managed to convince Euron Greyjoy that it was actually his. However, her pregnancy was never addressed in the final few episodes (let alone visible), leading many fans to question what the heck happened.

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The actress who portrayed Cersei, Lena Headey, recently revealed that the show actually was going to address the queen’s pregnancy- the scene just didn’t make it to the final cut. While answering questions at Germany’s Comic-Con, Headey explained that the writers intended for Cersei to have a miscarriage.

"We shot a scene that never made it into Season 7, which was where I lose the baby. It was a really kind of traumatic, a great moment for Cersei that never made it in," the actress explained, adding the plot twist would have "served Cersei differently" in the final season.

Up until now, many fans were unsure if Cersei ever really was pregnant, or just lied about it to Jamie and Tyrion to get her brothers’ sympathy and lied to Euron in order to form an allegiance with him. However, Headey maintained that the pregnancy was very much real and the character wasn’t lying.

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It’s unfortunate for several reasons that GOT producers chose to axe Cersei’s miscarriage scene. For one, it could have cleared up a lot of fan confusion regarding the character’s pregnancy. Even more, Cersei and her lover Jamie likely would’ve gotten somewhat of a different ending come the eighth season. Jamie likely wouldn’t have rushed back to King’s Landing in the final episode if he didn’t think she was pregnant. Similarly, Euron may have not been so inclined to join forces with her if he knew the full truth (that the baby wasn’t even his).

But on a different note, having such an iconic character like Cersei go through a miscarriage would’ve brought more attention to this difficult topic. More and more celebrities are speaking out about their experience with miscarriages and infertility in order to help normalize this otherwise taboo topic. Approximately 15 to 20% of pregnancies end in miscarriage, so we’re sure many viewers would’ve been able to relate to Cersei’s miscarriage had the scene actually been shown.

We guess this is just another reason fans have been signing an online petition in hopes HBO will remake the final season (even though it’s a longshot!).

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