Fans Convinced Dany’s Dragons Secretly Had Babies On Game Of Thrones

A new Game Of Thrones theory doing the rounds has got fans thinking that Daenerys' dragons might have laid eggs.

We don't know about you, but the eighth season of Game Of Thrones has run us through the wringer so far. Plus, there are still two episodes left to go! Fair warning, this article contains some pretty hefty spoilers regarding what has happened in the season so far. If you're not completely up to date, then you should probably look away now.

Now that's out of the way, who else has shed more tears other dead dragons than dead people this season? Yeah, us too. Technically, that feeling extends back as far as last season when one of Daenerys's dragons was killed and claimed by The Night King. This week's dragon-killing was even harder to deal with as it took us entirely by surprise.

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That leaves Dany with just one dragon. Or does it? As reported by Cosmopolitan, there is currently a theory among fans that one of the dragons had babies. The theory extends back three seasons when Drogon, the one remaining dragon, disappeared for an extended period of time. There is now a belief, or perhaps even a hope, that Drogon was busy laying eggs and raising babies elsewhere.

Now, we're not sure how quickly dragons grow. We're also not entirely sure how many years have passed in-show since Drogon's sabbatical. However, if the look on Euron's face in the trailer for episode five is anything to go by, you can check it out above, then those theoretical dragon babies are fully grown and ready for battle. Euron's fearful look into the sky is apparently what has triggered fans to create this exciting theory.

What about the fact that Drogon is a male, we hear you ask? Well, we and the theorists have got you covered on that front as well. Apparently, in the GoT universe, the only way to know the sex of a dragon is to wait until it lays eggs. Until that point, they are all assumed to be male. That means Dany might well be mistaken in her belief that Drogon is male, and could well be a grandmother to a thunder of dragons.


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