Gary Janetti's 5 Best Prince George Reaction Memes To The New Royal Baby

Gary Jenetti is a gift to us all. He is an American writer and producer. He is famous for being the writer of Family Guy, and he was the executive producer of Will and Grace. Janetti has recently gained international attention for his satirical characterization of Prince George's reactions to the newest royal baby, Archie. People have loved to see the memes that Janetti has come up with and fans all over the world have been following him to see what he does next. He is a creative, witty and has successfully created a pseudo-Prince George that hilariously mocks headlines about Meghan Markle at any chance he can get.

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The premise of the memes is quite simple. Gary Janetti imagines that Prince George is a complete snob and that he hates Meghan Markle. According to Janetti's Prince George, the young prince did not want his uncle, Prince Harry, to marry Markle and George did everything he could to destroy her big day. And now that they have had a baby of their own, Janetti has made it so little George is hating the baby and completely trolling Markle. Each meme consists of a really lame headline that Janetti finds, followed by a great image of Prince George showing his reaction to the headline, and then a quote that the little guy has "said." The whole concept is perfection and all of Janetti's fans have totally bought into the snobby Prince George and everybody has appreciated all of the creative humor!

We have gathered our favorite 5 Gary Jenetti memes depicting the reactions of Prince George towards the little baby...

"Take A Year"

This meme made fans lose it! A headline came out stating that Meghan Markle would be taking off three months for her maternity leave. However, she doesn't have a job. Her job is being royalty. People commented with, "from?" They all got a kick out of the picture that Janetti placed next to the headline! Prince George's reaction to her taking three months off for maternity leave is priceless. This meme gained about 52,000 likes and about 1,400 comments. This meme totally gave opportunities for Janetti's fans to troll Meghan Markle hard!

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“Take a year.”

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"No Title For You..."

This hilarious meme about Prince George's reaction to the new little baby received over 70,000 likes and over 2,100 comments. It's the absolute perfect pictures to include in this headline. One of the commenters told Janetti that he was the "funniest guy on the planet." People called Janetti a genius for his brilliance! This picture of Prince George nervous about the royal baby receiving a royal title is perfect. Janetti has created his version of Prince George as one who hates Meghan Markle and consequently the little baby boy who is trying to take his spotlight. This picture in association with the headline is amazing.

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“And guess when he could lose it.”

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This photo isn't connected to any popular news headline but is a photoshopped picture of little Prince George in a viral photo of the queen meeting the baby for the very first time. George was not at this event which makes this picture even more fantastic. This picture got over 57,000 likes and around 2,000 comments. Janetti's fans got a kick out of this photoshopped picture. One commenter said that she had a very tough week and after seeing this she had the best belly laugh. Another person said one word that described her emotions, "Splendid."

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“Hi, Fartchie.”

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"Wait, What's That?"

This meme shows a famous picture of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry holding their sweet little Archie. The picture has gone viral and almost everybody has seen the original picture of the couple with their new baby. So, of course, Gary Janetti had to add a Prince George reaction to the couple's new baby. He titled this picture, "wait, what is that?" Janetti's fans loved this picture and went crazy over it! He received over 85,000 likes and over 5,200 comments! Most of the comments shared that the picture was "gold" and one person even said, "She delivered the baby but sir, you, Delivered." Clearly, people were loving this picture of the royal couple and Prince George's reaction. According to Janetti's Prince George, the little Prince doesn't even want the new baby. Therefore, it is appropriate for the little Prince to be pointing in confusion at the newest royal baby. Prince George's reaction to seeing the baby is hilarious.

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“Wait, what’s that?”

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"She's Still Pregnant?"

Gary Janetti found a headline that shared that the world was on baby watch for the royal baby. And then the headline said that everybody was holding their breath. So, naturally, Janetti took advantage of this headline and made a hilarious meme of Prince George. The title of this meme is "it should just be able to walk out by now." Fans loved this piece. It didn't get the most likes out of all of the memes but certainly did well. This meme received over 40,000 likes and about a thousand comments. One commenter wrote Janetti, "you are a gift to us, we don't deserve you." Many people commented with laughing emojis.  We loved this picture because we all felt like we were being told to "hold our breath" for about a month expecting the birth of the royal baby. They kept on saying it was going to happen "any day now."  Janetti depicting the little Prince mockingly holding his breath over the arrival of the new royal baby is amazing. Especially if you assume that Prince George doesn't want the baby anyways.

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“It should be able to just walk out by now.”

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Gary Janetti has certainly gained a lot of attention due to his hilarious Prince George memes. His memes go beyond the reaction of the new royal baby. Janetti has placed George next to many headlines including the wedding of the royal couple and headings with the little George next to celebrities. Not only has Janetti placed George next to news headlines, but also tabloids insinuating drama in the royal family. Hopefully, Janetti continues to keep us entertained by his Prince George memes. It gives us a lot of enjoyment to imagine that little George is a real snob and that he hates everybody who is trying to steal his spotlight like the Prince.

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