Gay Man Talks About Being A Single Parent To Twin Girls

Two twin baby girls were recently blessed with a loving and devoted father. Being a single, gay man, new father Joseph Tito was unsure how he would ever be able to pursue his dream of becoming a dad. At 39 years old, Joseph figured it was "now or never", and decided to look into surrogacy as an option because his adoption applications were repeatedly rejected. Little did he know that it would be the beginning of one of the hardest battles of his life.

After hearing the good news that his surrogate was pregnant, Joseph was astonished to discover that she was expecting not one, but two baby girls.

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"On April 20, 2018, I got the news of the pregnancy. I was ecstatic and then 20 days later, I got the first ultrasound and realized that I'd been blessed with twins. I was terrified though; as a single dad I had no idea if I could take care of two babies," he told ELLE.

ELLE reports that on Joseph's birthday, November 14th, he left his hometown of Toronto, Canada and traveled to Mombasa, Kenya, where his surrogate was living. Soon after his arrival, the surrogate delivered the twins and Joseph, being of Italian descent, found it fitting to name them Stella and Mia.

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But trouble soon ensued when the surrogacy agency that Joseph was affiliated with refused to allow him to take his daughters home without a "female companion". Thanks to a close friend who vouched for him, the agency soon released the babies into Joseph's care.

Yet the struggle didn't cease after that. In his attempt to bring the girls back home to Canada, the Canadian High Commission in Nairobi reportedly denied the girls' passports. ELLE reports that it was, "on the grounds that a second-generation Canadian's children would not automatically receive citizenship." However, thanks to a lot of time and attention of the media, Joseph was able to bring the girls home to Toronto a few weeks later.

Now settled home with his two daughters, Joseph still faces a daily battle of being both a mother and a father to two newborns while dealing with judgment from people with a close-minded view of how a family should be. In an effort to share his struggles as a parent, Joseph has started a blog called The Dad Diaries to encourage acceptance of different types of families. Perhaps this will reassure people in similar situations that parenting is doable if it's something you really want in life.

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