Gemma Atkinson Calls Out "Pregnancy Police" Ahead Of Backlash For Hiking Picture

Gemma Atkinson calls out the "pregnancy police" before they can attack her first!

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We all know about mom shamers and mom trolls. Many times when we post a picture online we know that it is going to spark some sort of debate, or there will be the "granola" mom ready to tell you that you are putting your baby in danger and that you are "terrible." Other times when we post pictures on our social media accounts we have no idea that parents are going to find something wrong with the picture. You post an adorable picture of you child sleeping. How could anybody feel upset about that picture? Don't you worry, trolls will find a way to make it seem like you should just turn your baby over to Child Protective Services right away.

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Gemma Atkinson posted a picture on her Instagram that she knew would spark controversy among the mama internet trolls, so she stopped them right in their tracks. She showed a picture of her on top of Mount Teide while being very pregnant. She hadn't been to the top since she was 17 years old when her dad passed away. Of course, she knew that showing her pregnant self on-top of a mountain would cause waves, so before she even let them comment she wrote, "It’s a drive, cable car and flat walk before the pregnancy police start on me." She wanted everybody to know that it wasn't like she walked Mt. Everest!

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Gemma just knew that if she posted a picture on top of a mountain that the "pregnancy police" would tell her how dangerous it is to walk up mountains and blah blah blah. I wonder if the pregnancy police know that they are pregnancy police? Many of her fans applauded her for going to the top and they said how great she was for making that trip. However, there were STILL people who were negative about her climb, because they were upset that she even mentioned the "pregnancy police." Ultimate proof that you can never make everybody happy.

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Gemma said that every year when she was growing up she walked to the top of the mountain with her dad. It was an annual tradition. She was 17 years old when her dad passed away and that was the last time that she walked to the top. She said that this experience was great, but it was very difficult to do this without her father. It was a very bitter sweet moment for her, but she was happy she got up enough courage to make the trip.

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