Husband Insists Wife Terminate Healthy Pregnancy Upon Learning Baby's Gender

TRIGGER WARNING: Abortion, domestic altercations. 

Gender disappointment is a very real and very scary phenomenon that many expectant parents may experience. While we would all like to believe that no matter a baby's gender, we'll love them equally, sometimes that simply isn't the case. For one family, a mom-to-be shared that her husband is so disappointed with the baby's gender, he's asked her to abort her pregnancy.

The mother took to Reddit following a deeply concerning interaction with her husband (and the father of her baby). She stated in her post that she actually had to "beg" her husband to accompany her to her ultrasound and that upon learning they would be having a baby girl, his attitude instantly changed for the worst. She notes that he forced her to leave the appointment before it was actually over and in the car, he became increasingly upset. Once the two were in private, he asked her to terminate her otherwise healthy pregnancy.

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He shared that he was vehemently against having a baby girl and that she needed to abort her current pregnancy so that they could try again for a baby boy. He stated, "you have two options honey you can have your girl and get pregnant again right after and pray that it's a boy or you can do it the easy way and get an abortion right now". Excuse me? Obviously taken aback, the mom-to-be shared with the Reddit community that she began to cry, and his response was simply to "shush her".

Users on the forum were quick to comment that not only was her husband completely out of line but that his behavior was flat out abusive. Users suggested that she attempt to leave her situation because of the behavior of her husband, noting that both she and her baby may be in danger if they were to stay.

Eventually, the original poster commented that while it would be challenging for her to leave because of financial restraints, she would leave with her child, knowing that it would be what is best for the both of them.

We wish this new mom the best of luck and health and safety with her baby girl. Please remember that if you are going through something similar, you can get help by calling the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233. Resources may vary by country.

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