Gender Neutral Baby Names Based On Nicknames

A nickname can be a wonderful way to give a child a longer name that could be of significance to either parent but might be a bit much in everyday situations. However, some parents prefer to keep things short and sweet and find themselves falling in love with the shortened version of the name in the first place.

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Though the gender of one's baby can play a role in choosing the perfect name, some parents want to find a name that will suit the baby regardless of sex. Gender-neutral names based on classic nicknames can be a wonderful way for all of these parents to find the perfect name for their little one.

10 Jules

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Traditionally short for Julian or Julie, the name Jules is a wonderful nickname that can suit a child, regardless of sex. The name Jules does sound like the term we so often call precious gemstones and we truly cannot think of a better way to describe how special your baby will be to you.

This is a sweet name that can grow with the child as it is both modern enough to suit a younger individual but is not so cute as to be ill-fitting on an adult.

9 Dani

Dani, which can be short for either Daniel or Danielle, is a wonderful choice for parents who want to keep things short and to the point.

The best thing about this name is how the soft I at the end of the name balances out the stronger D. The balance of these sounds makes this name perfect for any gender.

8 Bri(e)

Bri(e), which can be short for both Brian and Brianna, is a wonderful name for parents who are looking for something a bit more modern for their upcoming babe.

Bri(e) is a soft and delicate name but there is no reason that the softer names should be saved for girls. Bri(e) can be a wonderful name for your sensitive and gentle little boy as well as your bright and kind baby girl.

7 Charlie

Charlie, which can be short for both Charles or Charlotte, is one of the more classic gender-neutral names out there. If you want to do something more familiar and less experimental than the trendier names your friends may be eyeing, this name could be perfect for you and your baby.

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It is important to choose a name that a child can live in. Consider job applications, teachers taking attendance in school, and calling the name out at the playground in order to see if the name sounds/feels right for both you and your future child.

6 Chris

Chris, which can be short for both Christopher and Christina, is the perfect name for parents who are looking for a gender-neutral name that veers a little more on the masculine side.

Though Chris is typically a boys name, it can be a wonderfully strong and beautiful name for a girl as well. Giving a child a more traditionally masculine name could also give them an edge when it comes to job applications later in life.

5 Ren

The name Ren is a nickname which is typically given to women named Karen; however, that does not mean that it cannot be a modern and cool name for your future son.

The name Ren is a special name in that is sounds both modern and old fashioned. It is the perfect choice for parents who want to name their child something unique but who want to ensure that the name is also livable for the child.

4 Jess(i)e

Like Charlie, Jess(i)e is one of the most classic unisex/gender-neutral names out there. This name, often short for Jessica in girls and used as a stand-alone name for boys, is a classic and beloved name that has stayed in use for a reason.

Though a unique name can be a really good way to set your child apart from the crowd, some parents worry that picking something too unique could do more harm than good. Jess(i)e is a good choice for parents that crave something a little bit more traditional.

3 Jo

Jo, which can be short for both Joanna and Joseph, is a wonderful name for your future son/daughter. This name is short, blunt, and to the point. And that is truly an asset when it comes to choosing a name for a child.

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No one is going to mispronounce this name. No one is going to misread it or have to ask your child how to say it. It is simply Jo.

2 Mac

Short for Mackenzie, (which is both a name commonly used for little boys and girls) this name can be a wonderful name for parents who are expecting a baby of any gender.

This name is cute, bold, and a touch masculine. It is a strong name for a strong baby and we recommend it to anyone who wants a their child's name to be anything but soft. Though we do love the softer and more delicate names, some babies (and adults) simply do not suit them. For them, a stronger name is the perfect choice.

1 Joey

This name is a rather special one, as it was generally considered a 'boy-only' name for quite some time. But that way of thinking has been challenged in recent years. Joey, which can be short for both Joseph and Josephina, is a modern, cool, and fun name for your future baby; regardless of whether it is expected to be a boy or a girl.

Though the name has traditionally been used as a boy name in the past, many modern parents have started to give their daughters more typically masculine names in order to give them a unique and personal name without choosing something that is unsuitable for day to day life. Joey is a sweet, fun, and lovely name for a baby of any gender!

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