Gender-Neutral Names for Blonde Babies

When parents don't want to know the gender of their baby before heading to the hospital, having some gender-neutral name options seems like the best thing to do. Many people think that there are so few surprises in life that it can be really magical and cool to not know until the very last second.

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According to Parents.com, if you or your partner have a recessive gene, your baby could have blonde hair: "a recessive color gene in one parent comes through and mixes with another one." So whether you and your partner both have blonde locks or only one of you does, it's possible that your little one will share the same color, too. It's a good idea to have some baby names in mind that take this hair color into account. Here are 10 gender-neutral names for blonde babies.

10 Robin

Doesn't Robin sound like a perfect gender-neutral name for a blonde baby? It brings to mind the freshness of spring and the first warm day, and it makes you think of birds chirping and flowers. It just has positive vibes, so it would be a great name to choose if you don't want to know the gender of your baby beforehand. It would work well for blonde babies, too.

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According to Motherly, this name is chosen for more baby girls than baby boys, and the numbers are "58-42."

9 Clarke

Mommyhood101.com says that the name Clarke is Anglo-Irish and means "clerk." Nameberry mentions that it can be a boy's name when it's spelled "Clark" with no "e" and if you add the "e," it works for girls. Of course, you could pick either spelling for your baby, and wait to find out the gender.

This gender-neutral name is also good for blonde babies. When you think of the name Clarke, you just picture a blonde kid, right? It would be really adorable.

8 Brooklyn

Is there a chicer name than Brooklyn? Okay, maybe London, Paris, and Austin are just as great since they're all monikers that take their inspiration from amazing, elegant cities. But there's something special about Brooklyn, a name that What To Expect says could be given to girls or boys.

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If you want a gender-neutral baby name that is a great choice for blonde babies, why not go with Brooklyn? It would suit a girl or boy with blonde hair really nicely.

7 Lake

Lake would be a beautiful name for a blonde baby, and it immediately makes you think of summer, hanging out at the cottage, and being near the water. It's got a sense of peace and calm, and that's always a nice vibe for a baby name to have.

Motherly says that Lake is used more often for a male than a female name, and mentions that the split is "41-59."

6 Oakley

What about Oakley for your baby's name? If you haven't heard this moniker before and you don't have any friends or family with this name and haven't seen it in any baby books, that's yet another reason to pick it. It's not the trendiest or most wildly popular name, which works in its favor.

Oakley sounds good for a boy or a girl, and it would work for a baby with blonde hair as well. Motherly says that more females than males have been given this name, with the split being "52-48."

5 Sutton

Flo.health brings up the baby name Sutton. How cute would a baby boy or girl be with blonde hair and the name Sutton? It just works.

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Nameberry says that the meaning behind the baby name Sutton is "from the southern homestead." In the year 2018, the name was number 538, so this name is basically the best bet if you don't want to choose a mainstream name.

4 Nico

We all know and love the name Nicole, the popular baby girl name that many parents seem to choose all the time. But what about Nico for a baby name?

Cosmopolitan says it can be a gender-neutral baby name, and that's such a great idea. According to Nameberry, it means "people of victory" which sounds really cool. It's also an Italian name.

3 Drew

Cosmopolitan also put Drew on a list of baby names that are gender-neutral, and we really love it. This name will appeal to parents who would enjoy finding a name that seems steeped in tradition since it's been picked so many times, but it also feels cool and modern. And there's something about Drew that feels just right for a sweet, adorable baby with blonde hair.

It seems that this name is chosen for a boy's name more often, but you can do something new and different and choose it as a gender-neutral name that works for a girl, too.

2 Spencer

Chances are, we've met at least a few people who have the name Spencer, and they are most likely male. It just seems like a more traditionally male name. But, as Woman's Day points out, it can be used for a female or male name.

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We really like Spencer for a girl name so it can definitely be considered a gender-neutral name that works for boys, girls, and blonde babies. Nameberry says the name means "keeper of provisions." As the website explains, "Spencer made its first appearance on the girls' Top 1000 in 2017."

1 Whitney

When you hear the name Whitney, you definitely think of it as a boy's name and also a girl's name. Woman's Day mentions that it can be used for either gender.

We think that you should for sure put Whitney on your list, especially if your baby is going to have blonde hair. While it would be an amazing name for a baby with any color hair, there's something about blonde locks that work with the name Whitney's preppy tone and vibe. We think that it would be a perfect fit.

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