Gender Neutral Baby Names Based On Flowers

When it comes to giving your baby a name, there are certain types of names that are generally viewed as being for boys or girls. Names related to flowers, or even nature in general, are often given to girls. But, if you’re someone who likes to go with gender-neutral or less traditional names, there are options out there that could work for a boy or girl. If you’re a parent who doesn’t enjoy gendered names or who wants to focus on parenting in a less gendered way, this list of names will give you some ideas.

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Here are ten great gender-neutral baby names based on flowers that you can consider for your newborn.


Willow is a name that relates to nature in many ways. First of all, there is obviously the reference to willow trees, but these trees also have flowers that symbolize many things such as grace, flexibility, and resilience.

While Willow is often used more as a girl’s name, it doesn’t have a particularly feminine sound. This means it could easily be used for a boy or a girl, and it’s definitely a name that connects in a really elegant way to nature.


Clematis is definitely not a super traditional or popular name, so it’s a great choice if you like to think outside the box and go with something unique or edgy. Clematis is a Greek word that means “vine” but it’s also the name of a flowering plant.

While it might sound a little more typically like a boy's name, it also works for a little girl. A girl with the name could also use the nickname of “Clem” making this option very flexible depending on the personality of your child.


Basil isn’t exactly the name of a flower, but it’s definitely in the same family. While it’s the name of a kind of herb, it is a small plant that can be grown indoors. Many typical flower names are associated very strongly with girl names.

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So, Basil is a much more neutral option. The word comes from Greek origins and means “royal, kingly,” so it’s definitely a strong and elegant name. While it might seem more like a boy's name, it also works for girls.


For some parents, naming their kids something that is unique and rarely heard is important. If you don’t want to give your child a classic name that many other people have, sometimes you have to really think of new options.

Leaf is a good name for any gender. For one thing, it’s very similar to the name Lief which is traditionally a boy’s name, and, on the other hand, it’s also not too masculine or feminine sounding. This is a great name that connects to flowers and nature overall.


There are definitely some really cute typical girl’s names related to flowers out there. Names such as Daisy and Rose aren’t that uncommon. But, for a gender-neutral alternative, Aster is a good choice.

This is the name of a flower that looks similar to a daisy and that represents traits such as patience and elegance. The name has a neutral sound that works well for boys as well as girls, and it calls to mind a beautiful, elegant flower that people of all genders can enjoy. For girls, it also sounds similar to names such as Astrid.


Cedar is another name on the list that connects to nature in many ways. While it’s the name of a kind of evergreen tree, it can also refer to the flowers that sometimes grow on the tree.

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The cedar flower is a symbol of healing and protection, so it represents many positive traits that people of any gender would want to have. While Cedar might more typically sound like a name for a boy, it could also be an edgy, fresh, and unique name for a girl.


Sage is a name on this list that’s not super common, but it’s also been heard before. So, if you don’t want to give your child a name that’s too out there, Sage is a good middle ground. The name comes from Latin roots and means “wise and healthy.”

Sage is technically an herb, but it’s a great example of a flora related name that works well for a boy or a girl. This is a name that calls to mind nature, stability, and wisdom, making it a positive name for any child.


Cypress is the name of a flower, but it’s not a name that’s overused at all. Cypress flowers look similar to a star, and this name is becoming more popular overall but especially with boys. These flowers are a beautiful red color, and they are quite striking in appearance.

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While the name might work great for a baby boy, it’s also a unique option for a baby girl. Plus, the nickname of “Cy” is quite cute and would work well.


Indigo is another less traditional flower name that would work well for any gender. This is a plant from India that is used to make a blue/purple dye. There are also Indigo flowers of a different variety that are found in North America. The association with purple and royalty makes this an elegant name for boys or girls.


Ren is a name that connects to nature in many ways. Firstly, it works as a flower name because in Japenese the name means "lotus." Also, with different spelling as Wren, the name connects to birds, too. This name is simple and beautiful, and it works well for a boy or girl.

It's also becoming a little more popular while still being very unique. If you're looking for a name that relates to flora and fauna then Ren is a great option for your new baby.

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