Gender Neutral Baby Names That End In "Y"

Deciding on the perfect name for your child can seem harder than labor. You'll want to consider any potential nicknames that you like or dislike. You should also weigh how much you care about people mispronouncing or misspelling it. Say the name out loud a few times and consider how it will sound on a resume.

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Many parents are subscribing to the gender-neutral baby name trend. If you have an affinity for names ending in the letter "y," but also want to choose a gender neutral-sounding name, we've got the perfect list for you to find your future child's name.

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10 Kingsley

Naming your child Kingsley gives your baby a regal sounding and meaning name. Kingsley means "from the king's meadow" in old English. It was traditionally a boy's name but has risen in popularity for both genders after a few pop culture references.

Kingsley first became popular in the United States in 2013 because of the Harry Potter series. The character Minster Kingsley Shacklebolt is a pure-blood wizard who works for the Ministry of Magic in the series. He was considered a highly esteemed wizard a part of the wizarding world's elite class.

9 Hurley

Depending on if used for a boy or girl, experts have different meanings for the name Hurley. For baby boys, Hurley means "sea tide" in Irish. For a girl, Hurley means "healthy woman. The female version of the name has English origins.

One thing to consider with this name is younger children might tease a Hurley because of the first syllable of the name can often be considered the sound when one vomits. Hurley has declined a bit in popularity, so choosing it for your child will give them a unique name. In Hollywood, the name Hurley is better known as the surname for British Actress Elizabeth Hurley.

8 Bailey

Grey's Anatomy lovers know that Bailey makes a great female and male name. On the hit, ABC show, the Chief of General surgery Miranda Bailey is almost exclusively referred to by her surname. After Bailey saved the show's title character Meredith Grey during childbirth, Meredith named her son Bailey after the doctor.

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Bailey, pronounced BAY-LEE, has Old French and English origins. The name hails from the word "bailiff" and can mean law enforcer. Bailey started as a surname and then transitioned to a boy's name. It now ranks 133th as the most popular girl's name.

7 Kennedy

Kennedy is another presidential name for your consideration. The name Kennedy is best known as the surname of the 35th President of the United States John F. Kennedy and his brother Senator Robert Kennedy and the tragic events that surrounded both of their deaths.

Unfortunately, if you care about name meaning you might want to look elsewhere. Kennedy is an Irish name that means "misshapen head." Despite the poor meaning of the name, Kennedy is the 59th most popular name for girls and in the top 1,000 for boys.

6 Wesley

Traditionally, Wesley falls more firmly in the boy name camp, but it's becoming a very unique and trendy name for a little girl. Wesley is from English origin and means "western meadow." For boys, Wesley was ranked the 55th most popular name in the 1970s and then dropped off. It's now making its resurgence to 105th on the most popular name list.

It's believed the name Wesley was born out of a version of the English town Westley. As far as nicknames go, you can call your little one "Wes." If your husband is a big Star Trek fan, he'll love this name as it pays homage to the character Wesley Crusher in the Star Trek: The Next Generation series.

5 Avery

Avery sounds magical when you say it, and it has a mythical meaning. The name Avery means "ruler of the elves." Avery is currently a very popular girl's name, ranking 16th. It's ranked 191st among boy names. To break those numbers down further for you, about 2,000 baby boys born in 2018 were named Avery, whereas 8,000 baby girls were born named Avery that same year.

The name Avery has English, ancient-German and Norman-French origins. Avery came about as a pronunciation variation of names such as Alfred and Alberich. For TV lovers, Avery made a splash in NBC's 30 Rock. Elizabeth Banks played Avery Jessup, Alec Baldwin's fiancee on the show. Traditionally a surname, Avery is the surname of Grey's Anatomy's Dr. Jackson Avery, played by Jesse Williams. He is mostly referred to as Avery on the show.

4 Riley

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This name is as Irish as it sounds. Riley is a popular girl and boy name meaning "courageous" or "rye clearing." Riley is actually the most popular girl's name that begins with the letter "R." Riley is a variation of the traditional Irish surnames Reilly, O'Reilly, and Raghailleach.

There are a few ways you can spell Riley, including "Rylee," and "Ryleigh," but Riley with a y is the most traditional spelling. Riley is among one of the most popular gender-neutral names for babies. Three-time NBA Champion Steph Curry's daughter is named Riley.

3 Andy

Andy is better known as the nickname for the male name "Andrew." Its meaning is also associated more with boys, as the name means "strong and manly." But Andy is seeing a surge in popularity as a girl name for those that prefer gender-neutral names.

For boys, some parents are going straight to the nickname and ditching Andrew and calling their sons Andy. It ranks 369th as a boy's name. For girls, typically Andy could be seen as a nickname for Andrea, but now parents are also deferring straight to Andy. Andy has Greek origins.

2 Cory

Cory is up 80 percent in popularity for a girl's name, but down 18 percent as a boy's name. Cory was ranked the 884th most popular name for boys in 2018, so you run a small risk of there being another Cory in their class. In fact, the name Cory has been in a steady decline since the 1990s.

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The name Cory, which is Irish, means "from the hallow." In Gaelic, it also roughly references a cauldron or seething pool. There are a few ways to spell Cory, including Corey, Correy, and Cori.

1 Bradley

If you are subscribing to Apple Tv+'s new streaming service, you're likely impressed by Reese Witherspoon's character in The Morning Show, Bradley Jackson. The character Bradley is shaking up morning TV and striving to report hard-hitting journalism. Of course, the more recognizable Bradley in Hollywood is that of heartthrob Bradley Cooper.

The name Bradley means "broad clearing" or "wide meadow" and has Old English roots. Bradley ranks 247th as the most popular name for boys, but the -ley ending is making it a favorable choice for young girls. The name Bradley dates back to 1086.

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