10 Gender-Neutral Baby Names For Parents Wanting A Surprise

Even though new parents try their best to be prepared for welcoming a baby into their lives, from buying lots of diapers to reading books to asking friends and family many questions, there are many elements of parenthood that are a total surprise. You can't really know how much sleep you'll get (even though you know it won't be as much as you're getting now), or the moments that will challenge you (but, of course, will end up being the most rewarding of all).

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When it comes to what gender your baby will be, you might want to be surprised in the delivery room. It can be totally magical to be surprised in this way and to wait until the big day to find out. In that case, when you're thinking about baby names, you want something that will sound awesome for a girl or boy.

Here are 10 gender-neutral baby names for parents wanting a surprise.

10 Jules

When parents want to be surprised and they want to make sure that the baby name they've settled on reflects that, thinking about some names that are anything but commonplace is definitely a smart choice. Jules is one such name, making it an interesting idea.

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Thanks to Popsugar.com.au, we can think about the baby name Jules for a girl or boy. Jules is sometimes a nickname for a girl who is named Julia, which might be where we've heard this name before. It's always adorable and it could be what we want to name our little one.

9 Adrian

Adrian is another gender-neutral baby name if you want to be surprised in the delivery room. This name has the bonus of having many different spelling variations so that could be something that sways your decision. For example, you could name your baby Adrien or Adrienne.

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According to Babble, "Adrian has more commonly been used as a boys name, but is still used as a girl name now and again."

8 Blake

Blake is a fascinating choice for a baby name because it has a classic feeling but also a really new, fresh one. Popsugar.com.au mentioned the name and it's going to be in the mix for a lot of parents-to-be, that's for sure.

Of course, when you hear this name, you think of the talented actress Blake Lively, known for portraying the stylish Serena on Gossip Girl and her many lead movie roles from A Simple Favor to The Shallows to The Sisterhood Of The Traveling PantsIf you're a fan, that could be another reason to add this name to your list of baby names.

7 Carson

Yes, it's true that when you hear the baby name Carson, you might immediately assume that it's a boy's name. But Baby Center mentions this name on a list for boy and girl names, and there are so many reasons that it would work for a boy or girl.

For one thing, it's very cool, so your other friends who are parents would be pretty envious that you chose such an awesome name. For another thing, it's unpredictable, which makes it a good idea for a baby name.

6 Frankie

If you want a gender-neutral baby name so you can be surprised, then Frankie is another contender.

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According to Very Well Family, Frankie means "Freeman or from the tribe of Franks in France." Of the baby name, the website explains, "Frankie’s popularity reached a high for girls in 1936 and boys in 1945. It has seen a decline in use, but may be coming back." Frankie does sound like a name that has a vibe from the past, and that's another bonus since retro baby names are amazing.

5 Rylan

What about picking Rylan for your baby boy or your baby girl? This works on a few different levels. It's great for parents who want to be surprised, and it's also great for parents who are searching for a baby name that isn't popular. Nameberry puts it at number 778 in 2018.

The Bump explains more about this name: "This is a modern take on the English surname Ryland, whose meaning is pretty obvious ('where rye is grown'), though an alternate translation is the more oblique: 'island meadow.'"

4 Tatum

Tatum is another perfect choice for parents who want to be surprised and don't want to find out ahead of time if they're having a boy or a girl. Baby Center says it's a good name for girls and boys.

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Since Tatum isn't the type of name that is picked all the time, it's very cool, offbeat, and will be compelling to anyone who hears it.

3 Marley

You and your partner are getting everything ready for your baby's arrival and you just can't wait. The nursery is painted (or you've put up pretty wallpaper), you've got toys and stuffed animals, you've had your baby shower, and now it's time to finally settle on a baby name. What about Marley?

2 Dallas

Deciding to pick a city-inspired name is a personal and subjective thing. While one set of parents-to-be might think that it's not traditional enough and it's definitely not the way to go, the next couple will think it's great. Excited parents who are truly stuck might want to think outside of common names because that's when they might be able to find something perfect.

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Dallas has the bonus of not only being a cool name that is also a city in Texas, but it's also a name for boys or girls that works for parents who want to be surprised. According to Very Well Family, the baby name Dallas means "Living in the field."

1 Lake

Picture yourself meeting your little one for the first time and staring at their sweet face, wondering what name feels like the best, right one. What about the name Lake? It's not so wildly common that it becomes boring to hear and it's a beautiful name.

Baby Center put the baby name Lake on one of their lists. As Nameberry says, it's often a surname: "represented by 1940's blonde femme fatale Veronica (born Constance Ockelman), actress/talk show host Ricki and Emerson, Lake & Palmer bassist Greg." Lake has the bonus of not only being a name that is awesome for a boy or a girl, but it just seems so calm. Just like the others on this list, it could be just the name that you want for your baby.

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