Gender Neutral Baby Names With Original Spellings

More and more gender is becoming considered fluid. Even the Duchess of Sussex, formerly known as Meghan Markle told friends at her baby shower earlier this year that she wants to avoid raising her son with traditional gender stereotypes, according to Vanity Fair.

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So if you're considering a gender-neutral name for your child to alleviate any gender pressure they may feel growing up, you're in good company. While names such as James are great for a girl or a boy, it can feel traditional. If you're looking for a gender-neutral name option that has a more unique spelling, to help your child stand out, we have a list for you.

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10 Kamryn

Pronounced like the more common name "Cameron," Kamryn's origins hail from Scotland and was formerly a surname. While it's a beautiful sounding and looking name, unfortunately, it does have the unfortunate meaning of "crooked nose."

There are a few famous "Camerons" both male and female -- think of Charlie's Angels' Cameron Diaz and American director Cameron Crowe, who is known for Almost Famous and Jerry McGuire. By choosing to spell the name Kamryn, you've selected a trendier option for your new bundle of joy. You'll have to weigh the pros and cons of the less than great name meaning with the cool factor.

9 Landry

The name Landry has a powerful meaning, which can vary a bit depending on where you consider its origins to be. The Middle English, British meaning of the name is "landowner." But the French, English meaning of the name is "ruler."

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For the French, the name Landry was popularized by St. Landry, a seventh-century bishop who lived in Paris and was a do-gooder. St. Landry created the first hospital in Paris. Landry can also commonly be found as a surname, including famous Dallas Cowboy coach Tom Landry and 1996 Miss USA winner Ali Landry.

8 Kingsley

With all the fuss lately around Great Britain's Royal Family, naming your child Kingsley will help destine your boy or girl for greatness. Like many names on this list, Kingsley is also known as an English surname but has become slightly more popular as a first name. Originally, it was a name bestowed among baby boys because of the reference to "king" within the name.

But as girls and women are gaining more power socially, so is the popularity of the name Kingsley among baby girls. The "-ley" suffix also lends itself to traditionally being a more feminine name. Kingsley, pronounced Kings-LEE, means "king's meadow."

7 Kai

Kai is pronounced "kye," like the word "bye." Kai is a great name selection if you want the name to translate among many languages. Kai is traditionally a Hawaiin boy name which means "sea." However, in Europe, the name Kai is considered an abbreviation of the name Kaimbe, which translates to"warrior."

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For the Japanese, Kai means "forgiveness" and in the Navajo language it means "willow tree." If you're a foodie looking for name inspiration, Kai means "food" in Maori. Kai has some notability in Hollywood, actress Jennifer Connolly named her son Kai. Donald Trump Jr. also has a daughter named Kai Madison.

6 Finley

Regardless if you're having a boy or a girl, if your baby is blonde or fair-skinned Finley is a great selection. The name translates to "faired-haired courageous one" in Gaelic. Finley is ranked the 273rd most popular name for boys and 163rd for girls.

Like a lot of names on this list, Finley was traditionally a surname. But the courageous name dates back to Shakespeare who liked the name and gave it to MacBeth's father. He spelled it Fionnlagh, which is a little too unique of spelling for this list.

5 Reagan

While this name doesn't translate exactly to "presidential," you're not wrong to associate it which such esteem. The name Reagan is probably best known as the well-liked 40th President of the United State's surname, Ronald Reagan. As a first name, Reagan became more recently known through actress Reagan Gomez-Preston, who stars in The Parent'Hood.

The name Reagan does have a meaning of prestige though -- in its Irish meaning, it actually translates to "little king." In ancient Gaelic, the name is said to mean "sovereign king." Reagan is believed to be a derivative of some Irish surnames such as "O'Reagan" or "Regan."

4 Kendall

The name Kendall is having a moment. For a girl's name, Kendall became popular through Kendall Jenner who is best known for her role as little sister on Keeping Up With The Kardashians and strutting the catwalks. Then, for the boys, there's the character parents love-to-hate on HBO's Succession Kendall Roy, played by Jeremy Strong.

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The Old English meaning of Kendall refers to "Valley of the River Kent." Where is the River Kent? It's in the country of Cumbria in England. Kendall also can be translated to "royal valley" or "from the bright valley."

3 Addison

Grey's Anatomy lovers have probably had this name on this list for years. The name Addison grew in popularity for girls thanks to the TV character on ABC's hit drama Dr. Addison Forbes Montgomery Shepard, portrayed by actress Kate Walsh.

However, Addison was traditionally a boy's name, as it's meaning emulates. The English origin of  Addison translates to "the son of Adam." The name for boys was very popular in the 19th century but faded out until 1986 when it started to resurge. Addison is up in popularity 12 percent for girls and a whopping 46 percent for boys. For girls, Addison can be a unique take on the name Madison.

2 Ashton

The name Ashton means "ash trees place," which isn't particularly profound or regal. While the name meaning isn't that stunning on its own, the fame around this name is.

Actor Ashton Kutcher helped popularize this name for boys in 2004 when his show Punk'd premiered. Ashton is a great name for young girls, as well, made famous by the gold-medal-winning gymnast Ashton Locklear. Now's a great time to select Ashton for your girl, as it's down 37 percent in popularity from last year. The name is up 2 percent in popularity for boys.

1 Landry

When a new baby comes into the house, he or she will definitely rule it. So naming your little one Landry is appropriate, as it means "ruler." This name is skyrocketing in popularity lately, as it's up 28 percent from last year, but still unique enough to only rank 924th of most popular boys' names. However, it didn't even register on the Social Security names list until 2010, around the time the character Landry Clarke from Friday Nights Lights became popular.

Landry is one of the oldest surnames in France and known for the seventh-century bishop St. Landry who created Paris' first hospital. A more recent famous Landry is Ali Landry, an American actress and model who won the 1996 Miss USA competition.

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