Gender-Neutral Baby Names Will Be On The Rise In 2020

Gender-neutral baby names are becoming increasingly popular, and they might be the new trend in 2020. When coming up with names for a baby, a huge barrier to finalizing it is the gender of the baby. With these names, you won’t have to worry about that anymore.

The day parents find out the gender of their baby is a big deal. Especially with this parenting generation’s love for gender reveal parties and videos, the doctor’s visit to find out means a lot to the family. With that information, parents can begin to plan names, outfits, and themes of their bedrooms. To remove all this hassle and anxiety in waiting, having a gender-neutral name may be the solution.

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Via: The Sun UK

JoJo Manan Bébé, a popular baby clothing brand, has revealed their favourite unisex names. Along with classic ones like “Robin,” “Teddy,” and “Bailey,” there are many new names that are gaining popularity. Their favourite pick is “River,” a pretty name for any kid to have. There are also many colour-based names like “Gray” and “Indigo.” More unique ones like “Wren” and “Everly” have also made the list, and they’re all amazing ideas for names.

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Perhaps one reason why gender-neutral names are gaining popularity is our progress of breaking-down gender stereotypes. Many argue that the whole gender reveal event removes a kid’s agency to choose their gender in the future, and many agree. While every parent is entitled to celebrating their children, some believe that it’s about time we stop giving so much meaning to gender. We could be moving towards the attitude of just preparing for the arrival of a child instead of a “baby girl” or “baby boy.”

In a way, any name can soon become a gender-neutral name. Just because your kid has a traditionally feminine or masculine name doesn’t mean that they need to subscribe to those stereotypical roles and norms. A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, and a kid’s personality won’t change simply based on what people call them. In this light, parents should simply choose what name they think is appropriate for their kid—regardless of the gendered meaning ascribed to it.

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