10 Hacks for Throwing a Gender-Neutral Baby Shower

14Having a baby is an extremely exciting and nerve-wracking time in a person’s life. It is an adventure like no other. Just as most new parents want to ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible inside the womb, having things prepared outside of the womb becomes a top priority as well. As you get ready for the arrival of your little one, events such as baby showers become inevitable. It is a chance for your friends and family to obsess over your baby bump and to feel like they’re a part of the whole process by getting you ready for your tiny human’s arrival through perfect little gifts. If you are not having a gender-reveal, it is sometimes hard to know how to throw the perfect baby shower. That’s why we have come up with 10 hacks for throwing a gender-neutral baby shower.

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10 A Theme That Represents You

Having a theme for your baby shower sets the tone for the entire party. When staying gender-neutral, choose themes that aren’t stereotypically categorized as being either for females or males. Add little accents of your personality into your theme and have some fun with it. If you are a person who loves to travel, consider an adventure-themed shower. If you are a someone who loves the outdoors, maybe a woodland animal themed shower is right for you. Deciding on your theme will allow you to be creative with the rest of the shower.

9 Invitations

When deciding on the perfect baby shower invitations, remain within your theme. You can go for a more formal design and opt for a beautiful, printed invitation. Some people will even include a theme-dependent trinket or keepsake for their guests such as a keychain or a sonogram photograph of their baby. Adding a tasteful bow or envelope is also a nice touch. Another avenue for a great invitation is by sending an e-vite through the internet. With an e-vite, you have the ability to completely customize your design and allow your guests to RSVP with just one easy click of a button.

8 A Co-ed Guest List

Having a co-ed guest list is arguably one of the best ways to throw a gender-neutral baby shower. It is the 21st century, and men have gained more recognition for taking on an equal role in their children’s lives. With that said, why can’t men be invited to the baby shower, too? More and more couples are stepping away from the more traditional woman only baby showers and including their counterparts in the festivities. It can be a lot of fun to see your husbands competing in some outrageous baby shower games. Co-ed baby showers are becoming the new normal, and we’re loving it!

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7 Color Palettes

As a general rule for baby showers that are neutral in gender, either stay away from pastel colors or tastefully use them all. With that said, don’t overcompensate with too many colors. Choosing colors that reflect your theme should be a useful rule of thumb. Don’t worry if you use pink or blue, just remember that balance is key. Yellow, white, and green are colors that blend very well together and are not thought to be assigned to any gender. Have fun and be creative when picking your party’s color pallet. This is your day. Let your decor reflect your personality.

6 Games For Everyone

Some traditional baby shower games include guessing the measurement of the expectant mother’s belly and writing little tidbits of advice for the new parents. A wonderful, gender-neutral twist to these games is not only guessing the measurement of the expectant mother’s belly, but also the father’s. Getting advice from other mothers and fathers is a brilliant way to hear both sides and have a good laugh. Partner games such as these are a great way to open up the room for playful banter amongst guests and to also include both parents.

5 Tasty Treats And Manly Meals

Often, when people hear the words "baby shower," they think about dainty finger foods and delicate treats. There is no rule against what type of food you serve. Your menu does not need to mimic one you might see at high tea. Light up the barbeque and gets some meaty steaks cooking. Include heartier and heavier meals on your menu. Instead of mini cupcakes, offer the real thing. Offering more “manly” meals does not make your baby shower any less classy. In fact, your guests will most likely appreciate that there are options for everyone. Having options is a wonderful way to ensure that all of your guests are satisfied.

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4 Mocktails and Cocktails

Just because an expectant mother cannot enjoy an alcoholic beverage at her baby shower does not mean that her guests can’t. Set up a drink table with both non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages. Adding creative names and labels is a fun way to keep the drinks in theme with your gender-neutral baby shower. Having a non-alcoholic MOM-osa bar or a Cham-POPPA stand alongside your drink table is both fun and inclusive to all of your guests, drinkers or not. Be as creative as you can be when thinking of labels for your drinks!

3 A Practical Gift Registry

Yes, those little dresses hanging off the rack are to die for, and that those mini dress shirts melt all of our hearts, but adding gender-specific items to your registry may not be the best decision. If you are waiting until birth to find out the gender of your little one, opt for more practical items when creating your gift registry. Instead of the insanely cute tutu, pick the yellow sweater with a giraffe on it. However, feel free to add items such as superhero bibs or pony-printed blankets to your registry. Just because your child is born a certain gender does not necessarily mean they have to conform. Remaining practical with your gift registry will not only ensure that you have all of the things you need when your child arrives, but your guests will feel good knowing that they’ve gifted you with something that you can actually use.

2 A Great Location

Another misconception when throwing a baby shower is that the location of the celebration has to occur in an extremely classy and tasteful place. Unless an upscale venue ties in with your theme, you can literally host your event anywhere. Using your backyard or a nearby park is a great spot to hold your gender-neutral baby shower. If you’ve decided to keep it co-ed, then having a celebratory barbeque at the park with your loved ones can be a memorable and joyous occasion. If your theme is based around beachy vibes, why not host your shower at the beach? Your baby shower can still be beautifully classy and tasteful even when hosted in an unconventional location.

1 Party Favors

Everyone loves receiving gifts. A party favor is a great addition to your gender-neutral baby shower. Sending your guests off with something tangible or edible is a great way to thank your guests for attending your event and celebrating your pregnancy with you. Candles and chocolates are a common gift used as a party favor. What has been becoming more common in recent years is giving seeds or tree buds as party gifts. Your guests can take these home and plant them with their children or use them in their gardens.

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