9 Gender-Neutral Halloween Costumes For Kids

Halloween is just a few weeks away, and there are probably many people out there who have not decided on costumes. A good suggestion, especially for families with multiple kiddos, is to stock up on gender-neutral costumes; these can be worn by anyone and everyone, whether there is a costume party, a school function that requires a special outfit, a dress-up day or a holiday that involves going door to door for candy.

From foods and occupations to pop culture references and classic monsters, the following costume ideas can work for boys and girls, and there is a variety listed, from a newborn baby to a toddler and up to big kids, too!

9 Spooktacular Creations T-Rex Kids Dinosaur Costume


Dinosaurs are a popular option when it comes to costumes, especially with movies like Jurassic Park and Jurassic World.

This one is realistic-looking, durable and made with high-quality and non-toxic materials that are safety test-approved. It is also available in sizes for 3-to-4-year-old kids, 5-to-7-year-old kids and 8-to-10-year-old kids, and each costume comes with an orange suit, a detached hood and a plush and purple egg, which adds a nice touch to the overall look. Whether a child has to dress up for a history project or a child who wants to grow up and be a paleontologist is looking forward to Halloween, keep this dino in mind.

8 Carter's Halloween Costume


Carter's is a trusted brand that has been making clothing items and accessories for children for years, and this shop also offers up Halloween costumes. This particular one is a two-piece set that is made with 100 percent polyester microfleece, that has a soft lining and that comes in a variety of styles.

There are animals like a chicken, a dalmation, a giraffe,a dragon, a skunk, a rhino, a flamingo, a pig and a lion (pictured here). And there are other cute gender-neutral choices, such as a pineapple, a pirate, a gnome, a monster and a firetruck.

7 Rubie's Harry Potter Gryffindor Child's Costume Robe


This robe is an officially licensed Harry Potter one that can magically transform any child into a witch or wizard who was sorted into Gryffindor! It has long sleeves, as well as an ankle-length style, it is made with black fleece that has a burgundy lining, and there is an attached hood with a closure at the neckline.

Of course, this garment is also embroidered with the Gryffindor House crest, for an authentic touch. Made by Rubie's (a family-owned brand), this costume is available in XS, small, medium, large and XL.

6 Rasta Imposta Reese's Cup Mini Child Costume


Food is a smart option for a gender-neutral costume, since anyone can be any food item… such as the most popular Halloween candy, a Reese’s Cup! This miniature version would look so cute and cool on ages three to six, and it is officially licensed by Hershey’s, just for Rasta Imposta.

It comes with a classic tunic, and the pullover costume can be worn over clothing items that are already owned. Plus, this costume, which is expertly designed and easy to care for, could be mixed in with other candies, for a full and festive ensemble.

5 Morphsuits Glow in The Dark Skeleton Kids Halloween Costume


With help from Morphsuits, a child can morph into a spooky skeleton this Halloween. This suit was tested, has a quick-release velcro hood that can easily be removed, features a four-way stretch, has a strong zipper and comes with reinforced stitching at stress points. Yes, this brand is all about see-through, breathe-through, drink-through clothing items, and this one even glows in the dark!

The skeleton design on it will be lit up while it is being worn during trick-or-treating, making for maximum scares and double the safety measures.

4 Forum Novelties Chief Surgeon Doctor Child Costume


At times, children like to dress up as professionals. It may be a job they want someday or a job they have seen and admired in real life. This one is a chief surgeon costume, and it is made in the U.S.

It comes with a lab coat, pants, a top and a hat, and when put together or worn separately, these items could be used again and again, for Career Day, plays, school events and, of course, Halloween. A medical professional is a great person to look up to, and any kid would look amazing in this costume!

3 Yummy Lil Pizza Slice Toddler Costume


Another popular food item is pizza, and just look how cute of a costume it makes! Any kid of any age could pull off this look. It could be worn by itself. Siblings could all dress up as different foods.

Or a whole family could make up the different slices in a pizza pie. This particular one, the Yummy Lil Pizza Slice Toddler Costume, is made from 100 percent polyester, it features a pull-on closure, and it includes the tunic-style piece that could be worn with anything else, for a personal touch.

2 Shalofer Baby Pumpkin Romper


Pumpkins are synonymous with this time of the year, and they make for another smart gender-neutral option. This particular one has a cute cartoon pumpkin face on it, and it is a jumpsuit-style piece that will keep a baby comfortable and warm.

It is made with a cotton blend that is soft, breathable and lightweight, and it could be worn as a costume or as a “normal” outfit. Plus, it comes with a matching hat, so with that cherry on top and the green trim around the neckline, this is definitely an outfit to keep in mind!

1 Child's Clown Costume


A clown is a common costume, whether someone is dressing up to entertain at a party, being involved in a haunted house, going to the circus or getting ready for Halloween.

This year, in particular, there will probably be lots of people in clown costumes, since the second chapter of Stephen King’s It, about Pennywise the Clown, just came out in theaters. This set comes with a hat and jumpsuit, so the wig is sold separately. With the hat, though, it is not needed, or a child may want to color their own hair, during this special time of the year.

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