Gender Neutral Names That Will Be Popular in 2020

Expectant parents know how important selecting a name is for your little one. You want to pick a name that they can grow into and that they are going to love. This can be tough with millions of names out there. How do you know which one is going to suit your child?

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Luckily we have gathered the best gender neutral names for you and your partner to look at to help you decide which name is going to be best for your little one. So, keep reading to discover ten gender neutral names that are going to be popular in 2020.

10 Quinn

A charming name that will suit either your little boy or girl is the name, Quinn. The name Quinn sounds like someone who is smart and very inquisitive, both of these traits you want your child to be. This can lead your child to live a life where they are curious about learning and to ask questions about the world around them.

This name is also a harder sounding name if you are looking for one that has some grit to it. Make sure to talk to your partner about giving the name Quinn to your little one.

9 Jean

Jean is a sweet name that is perfect for your child. We believe that the name Jean is going to be a big it in 2020 because of the move “To All Of The Boys I’ve Loved Before” with the character Laura Jean. Though this movie was released last year, it is still popular and loved by many fans.

The aforesaid movie is also getting a sequel released in 2020, which will keep this name in people’s ears. Let the feel-good movie of the year inspire your child's names and give your baby the name Jean.

8 Avery

An excellent name that you should use for your child is the name, Avery. Avery is a wonderful gender neutral name since it is both soft and harsh. This is due to the soft spelling of the name with it starting with their name and with it having an “r” in it makes it have a harsh sound to this.

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This is perfect for parents who want a true gender neutral name that does not lean towards a feminine or masculine side. Make sure to put the name Avery on your possible name list!

7 Taylor

Taylor is going to be one of the most popular gender neutral names in 2020. We believe this due to the massive yeah that Taylor Swift has had with the release of her “Lover” album and singles from it. This album is one of Taylor's best so far, and she has broken many records with it.

Naming your child after Taylor Swift can encourage them to live their life full of emotions and not to be afraid to follow your heart. Following your heart can lead your little one to great places and have many great experiences than trying to play it safe.

6 Morgan

A gender neutral name that is perfect for your son or daughter is the name Morgan. According to Names.org, the name Morgan means wonders of the sea. This can be a memento for your child to keep moving forward even if their sea gets rough.

Sometimes, all you need is a little reminder to get you through a rough day. If you and your partner are looking for a gender neutral name for your child and you love the water, then you need to name your little one Morgan.

5 Riley

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Riley is a fantastic name that we know any child will love to have. Names.org mentions that the name Riley has been both up and down in the last few years. And though last reported it was looking downwards, we believe this name is going to be blown up in 2020.

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Riley is perfect since it is a name that has been popular in the past and is going to be making a comeback with other names. Don’t forget to add Riley to your and your partner's list of potential names.

4 Jesse

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A big trend that we are planning on seeing in 2020 are parents selecting nicknames for their child. A wonderful nickname that is also gender neutral that you can use for your little one is the name, Jesse.

Jesse is perfect for those who want a common name to give their child and to stick with the comfort zone of a gender neutral name that is highly used for both boys and girls. And if you are looking for an even shorter gender neutral name than you can even name your child Jess since that is gender neutral too.

3 Psalm


One of the most-watched families in all of the United States is the Kardashian-Jenner family. They are everywhere; on TV, in magazines, books, launching products, and so much more. And with the latest addition to Kim's family being named Psalm, we know that people are going to follow suit in 2020.

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This name is perfect for those who want to pick a trendy name that people are going to love. Tell your friends that you are using this name for your baby before they try to claim it for their own!

2 Charlie

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Charlies is an ideal name if you are searching for the best gender neutral name for your baby. Names.org has reported that the name Charlie has been on an upward trend in the last couple of years. And we believe that this is going to be one of the biggest names in 2020 since it can be perfect for either a little boy or girl.

This name has a sweet charm to it which makes it perfect for any gender. If you are pregnant and are expecting in 2020, then you need to consider the name Charlie.

1 Storm

One of the biggest gender neutral names that will be the top of every parent's list is the name Storm. The name Stormi has been popular since Kylie Jenner’s daughter’s name was revealed. Though Stormi is popular, we believe that the shorter version Storm is going to top the charts for names for both boys and girls.

This name is perfect, too, for non-Kardashian fans as this name is on trend with short nicknames that many parents are looking for when naming their child.

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