Gender Neutral Names For Brunette Babies

Choosing a baby name can be a challenge. First and foremost, you've got to like the sound of it. In an ideal world, it should encapsulate something of the character and personality of your little bundle of joy. You probably don't want something that is totally weird and off the wall. Think of the grief your kid would get when he or she is in high school. It doesn't bear thinking about.

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And, finally, you should perhaps try to factor in their appearance.  A blonde girl might be called Aurelia. A red-haired boy could be named Rowan. But what if you wanted a gender-neutral name for a brown-hair child? We've got you covered. Here are 10 gender-neutral names for your little brown-haired wonder.

10 Darcy

Darcy has a history that goes way back. It started life as an Irish boy's name but has morphed into a gender-neutral one. It means "dark one," so it is perfect for your brunette boy or girl.

Darcy Rose Byrne, the TV actress, and Darcy Tucker, the hockey player, are both famous Darcys. And don't forget Jane Austen's Mr. Darcy. Darcy is a friendly, approachable name, that is unusual but not off the wall. Could it be a perfect fit for your dark-haired baby girl or boy? Just maybe, yes, it could.

9 Logan

Logan is a gender-neutral name that is associated with earthiness, hollows, and woods. It is just unusual and uncommon enough to be interesting. Logans stand out from the crowd. They are friendly, yet dependable souls. And, trust us, your friends and family will love the name.

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Logan was originally a Scottish boy's name, but over the years, it has taken on a gender-neutral vibe. If you want a no-nonsense, earthy name for your little bairn, as the Scots say, Logan could be just the ticket

8 Baize

Baize is a French name meaning "dark brown." So, it is perfect for your dark-haired wonder. Baize is a happy name that is totally gender-neutral. Baizes are smiling, easy-going children, with just a touch of mischievousness about them. So watch your back.

As far as we can tell, there are no famous Baizes out there. So, your baby can be the first rich celebrity Baize. The name is unusual, but not crazy or silly. No, it's a good, solid, and dependable name. Go on, think about it. It can't hurt.

7 Kerry

Straight from Ireland, we bring you Kerry, or "little dark one."  It's a fun name, a happy name that will make you smile. Kerrys are sweet, loving children that really and truly love their family and friends, the kind of kid who will help around the house and keep an eye on younger siblings. An extra pair of hands never hurts.

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It would be great paired with Anne, Ash, or Beau as a middle name. Actress Kerry Washington and wrestler Kerry Von Erich are great examples of famous Kerrys. It could just be the perfect fit for your child. Kerry. It's Irish. So, it's got to be lucky.

6 Stone

Stone is a real winner. It is honest, forthright, the kind of name that has a touch of the pioneer in it. And, it goes without saying that Stone implies strength, earthiness, and trustworthiness. And it is the sort of name that could, virtually overnight, become all the rage, the talk of the town.

But it is also completely gender-neutral and would be a great match-up for a little boy or girl who just gets on with it and does whatever needs to be done. Without a fuss, we might add.  You can, it goes without saying, depend on a Stone 24/7.

5 Blakeley

Blakeley is a super name for a brown-haired child. Why? Well, it's another earthy one, bringing with it visions of dark meadows and fields. Blakeleys tend to be ambitious and goal-oriented people who lead a whole lot better than they follow.

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Can they be overly serious? Sure. But Blakeleys also know how to loosen up and laugh at themselves.  Want a name with nickname potential? Choose Blakeley (or Blakely). It can be shortened to "Blake", which has a friendly, but no-nonsense feel about it. Remember Blake Carrington in Dynasty? Not the shy and retiring type.

4 Night

OK, so maybe we are going really, really dark with this one. But we think Night is a great, slightly quirky name for a little boy or girl. Think of the Indian filmmaker M. Night Shyamalan. Night has a slightly arty feel to it. It's a great name for a kid with a creative streak.

Night also works incredibly well as a middle name. But we think it deserves top billing. If you are looking for a gender-neutral moniker that is a little unusual, but not crazy silly, then maybe you should consider Night. Your budding artist will love it. We promise.

3 Donnelly

In Gaelic, "donn" means "brown." It's an Irish surname that is sometimes used as a first name for either a girl or a boy. "Donnie" is a cute gender-neutral nickname you can use when you feel like it. Donnellys (or Donnies) are happy smiling children with a can-do attitude.

They tend to be easy-going kids who love nothing more than playground time followed by an ice cream cone. And they can charm the socks off you when they decide to. Your world will be a happy place with Donnelly by your side. But you probably knew that already.

2 Duff

Duff, you ask yourself? Yes, Duff. It starts life sounding like a nickname. So it's not the kind of name to give to a serious or thoughtful child. It has a slightly goofy air about it, and so it is a great name for a happy-go-lucky child. Despite its happy sound, it means "dark."

It's a Scottish name, as in the name McDuff. You could have a running joke and use the nickname "Mack" some of the time. It's not a name for everyone. But it is a great fit for easygoing, happy kids. Again, just think about it.


Haze (from Hazel) means "light-brown." It's has a slightly quirky feel to it. It's a great name for a boy or girl who is straightforward and honest. Haze? We think it has the feel of the name of somebody who is rich and famous. Traditionally, it has been a surname and then a boy's first name.

But, of late, it's morphed into a gender-neutral being.  Little boy Hazes are strong and certain. Little girl Hazes are too, maybe with just a touch of the rich and famous tomboy in there somewhere.

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