Gender Neutral Names From The Past That Still Work Today

Old-fashioned gender-neutral names are in. These names evoke a simpler time when life had a gentler pace and meandered down a dirt path, rather than careening down an eight-lane highway. Take a look. They may well be the perfect fit for your little boy or girl.

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Many come to us from around the world and have a comfy and cozy feel about them. If you want gender-neutral and traditional, read on because you may just find exactly what you are looking for here. Here are 10 gender-neutral names that, while they may be old, would still work brilliantly today. One might be just right for your bundle of joy.

10 Blaine

Quite simply, Blaine means the color yellow. Way back when names were assigned to people based on their coloring or what they did for a living. So, the old Scottish Blaine indicates a fair-haired person.

It was very popular in the 19th century and is making a come back in these modern times. It's a simple, one-syllable name with a bit of Victorian charm about it. But it goes all the way back to the 6th century and a Scottish Saint by the name of Blaan. It's a winner, we think.

9 Emerson

Actress and Celebrity Teri Hatcher named her daughter Emerson Rose, which combines gender-neutral with a pretty "flower" girls' name. It's a very nice combination. Emerson means "strong" and so is a good fit for your determined little boy or girl.

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Believe it or not, the name originally meant "Emery's son". So, Emerson. These days, it's a gender-neutral name that has a friendly, but no-nonsense sound to it. Emersons are happy souls who make things happen. Is it right for you and your baby? Think about it.

8 Robin

Robin? It's a friendly sounding, happy name for a girl or boy. Robin comes from Robert, which in Old Germanic means "fame bright".  Celebrity Robins include actor Robin Williams and actress Robin Wright.

Robin is an old-fashioned name that has made a comeback in a big way. We think it's a great choice for either a boy or a girl. You can shorten it to Rob or Robbie for a nice diminutive. Complete the package by playing around with middle names such as Daniel or Olivia. Could there be a Robin in your future?

7 Florian

Looking for a noble, regal gender-neutral name for your baby? Well, Florian comes to us from a 3rd-century Roman emperor by the name of Florianus. It may be a little unwieldy but makes up for it by being a little quirky and unusual.

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It won't surprise you to hear that Florian is more popular in Europe than in America. You won't run into a Florian every day. As the name implies, it means "flourishing". Is Florian right for your baby? Mull it over for a while. It may just be a fit.

6 Ramsey

Not many (if any) people know but the surname Ramsey started its life in England as a place in what is now Cambridgeshire. So people living there became Ramseys. Logical really.

Ramsey is increasingly popular as a first name for either a little girl or a little boy. Nicknames? You could use Rammie or Rammy or Rams. The most famous Ramsey we can think of is jazz pianist Ramsey Lewis. Ramseys tend to be straightforward, happy children. It's a nice name, with just a touch of old-fashion in there somewhere.

5 Israel

Now, we are really talking old. Israel is a biblical name meaning "to contend".  Jacob jumped in and wrestled an angel and had his name changed to Israel, later giving it to the country. Israel is a strong, no-nonsense name that is perfect for your mover and shaker of a child.

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We're betting that your friends and family will love this unusual name. You could also go for nicknames like "Iz" or "Izzy" with this name. So, it is flexible and user-friendly. We like it an awful lot.

4 Sydney

Of French origins, Sydney has been a gender-neutral name in the past. Of late, it's gone over to the girls more than the boys. But there are signs that the boys are increasingly staking a claim over it. It's got a good, solid, but slightly whimsical, feel to it. Shorten it to Syd or Syds for a bit of fun.

Famous Sydneys? Director Sydney Pollack is about as famous as they get. And then there's Sydney Esiason, the beautiful  Sports Illustrated sportscaster. We just have to mention her father is Boomer Esiason, formerly of the National Football League.

3 Kelsey

The first thing you probably thought when you read the name was Kelsey Grammer, the comedian/actor. Other famous Kelseys include Kelsey Merritt, the model, and Kelsey Lowrance, the Dallas Cowboys cheerleader.

It sounds a friendly enough name, but way back when in England it meant "fierce" or "brave". Pair it with middle names like Louise or David to create an awesome name that flows nicely. It's unusual enough to be interesting, but familiar enough to be reassuring. Kels has a nice ring to it.

2 Evelyn

Ok, many people think of it as a feminine name. But in England in the 19th and 20th century it was the go-to name for writers like Evelyn Waugh and aristocratic "Sir" types. It's a dignified, old-fashioned moniker for a boy or girl.

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For a girl, we like it paired with Rose or May. And for a little boy? Try James or John. Don't discard it out of hand. Think about it a bit. It's a name that suits a strong, artistic and very certain type of child. Evelyn is, literally, a "wished for child".

1 Raleigh

Think Raleigh and think Old English and meadows and deer. It's a straightforward, honest-sounding name for your special little boy or girl. Raleigh is also a city in North Carolina. So, Raleigh would be a great name for a Southern Belle or Southern Gentleman.

Try on Raleigh Scarlett or Raleigh Butler for a double-barreled Southern name. Raleigh is a name for a solid, dependable, maybe slightly mischievous, child. Your life will be more fun with Raleigh around. Just watch your back.

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