How To Be A Gender Neutral Parent (According To This Florida Family)

A Florida family is raising their children gender-neutral.

It has become more and more common for parents to raise their children in a way that they get to choose their own gender. Parents are using the word "sex" instead of "gender" in order to not label their child as a boy or a girl. Parents want their kids to be able to have the choice as to which gender they are regardless of the sex that they were born as.

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One Flordia family has decided to raise their children gender-neutral and they share how they are accomplishing their task of allowing their children to choose the gender that they would like to be. Families who choose to adopt this lifestyle will not call their child "he" or "she" but "they." The Flordia family consists of parents Ari and Brenn Dennis, and their two children Hazel and Sparrow.

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Eight-year-old Hazel does not identify as a gender. She shares that one day she is a boy and one day she is a girl. Then one day she doesn't have a gender at all. She says that she was born a girl and that is probably what she has identified as and says that she "feels very confident in her decision but you never know." The parents share that living this lifestyle has its challenges and many people question why they have chosen to do this. They have a child named Sparrow, but the child is too young to decide so they call the child a "theybe." The couple says that they like this lifestyle because they don't restrict their children from choosing certain clothing or toys. They get to decide whatever clothes they want regardless of whether it has been identified as "boy clothes" or "girl clothes." Ari shares that when people compliment her child by saying something like, "she has beautiful eyes" she says thank you. When somebody says, "oh he is such a sweetheart" she just says "thank you." If people ever ask "is it a boy or a girl" she responds by saying, "we don't know yet."

This is a very hard thing for most people to accept because it is such a new way of thinking. For as long as we can remember people have been identified at birth as a "boy" or a "girl" and the children are raised as such. However, people are starting to go away from this identification and allow their children to choose what they would like to be. As the kids get older they will get to choose if they are a "boy" or a "girl." Right now both children are gender-neutral.

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