Gender Reveal Manicures Are Becoming All The Rage With New Parents

Gender Reveal Parties are already a relatively new phenomenon, but adding a manicure to the mix might just be the next step in awesomeness. There are many ways to treat yourself when you're pregnant, but most women will agree that a manicure is one of the best options. Well, believe it or not, this is now becoming a major trend in the world of Gender Reveal Parties. Women all over the world are now trying out this combo for the first time, and it's spreading like wildfire.

Here's how it works: A nail technician is brought in specially for the occasion with strict instructions. This technician creates nail art which reflects the gender of the child on the mother's nails. For example, the nail tech might do pink nail art if the mommy is expecting a girl, and blue nail art if she's expecting a boy. The mother has no idea about the gender of her child, and when she looks at her nails for the first time, it's a moment of amazing discovery.

But in the case of one lucky mom, things were taken one step further. In order to fully understand how elaborate gender reveal parties have become, you need to watch the video yourself. According to Moms.com, the nail tech behind this masterpiece is a woman called Marsha Lane, who works out of a hair studio in Cincinnati. It was her idea to include the stunning cake on the top of the nail art, which puffed out a plume of blue smoke - indicating that this lucky mother was about to have a boy.

According to the nail technician, the elaborate nail art had to be tested and perfected on a family member before it was finally ready to head to the gender reveal party. This is one nail tech who went above and beyond for her client, and that's always amazing to see. Nail techs can be some of the most creative people on the planet - and this moment just proves how artistic these professionals truly are.


Although this might seem like a pretty elaborate and over the top stunt for a gender reveal party, something tells us that this trend is going to be pushed even further. Who knows what kind of interesting, creative new methods are going to be used for the latest viral gender reveal trend. If it's even more entertaining than this one, we can't wait to see what's next!

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