I Did Genetic Testing & Everyone Assumed I Would Abort If Something Went Wrong

When I was 10 weeks along my doctor had asked if we wanted to get genetic testing done on our baby. We had never had the option with our other children because it wasn't covered by insurance. By my fourth child, insurance was going to cover it and I would just have to pay the $10 co-pay. We wanted to be prepared if there was something seriously "wrong" with our baby or if he was going to be diagnosed with some sort of chromosomal abnormality. We also wanted to check to see if our baby was going to have cystic fibrosis. We are pretty sure my husband is a carrier and we weren't sure if I am. Our niece has CF and so we wanted to prepare ourselves. Also, a bonus part of getting the genetic testing is being able to figure out the gender of the baby. After three boys, my husband was really interested to see if this was going to be the time that he was going to "get himself a girl." We really didn't care but it felt like a cool bonus. We got asked several times if it was so "we could abort if the baby had down syndrome."

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I was mortified when anybody would ask if we were doing genetic testing just so we could abort our child. The results would have never affected our decision to keep our child. We just wanted to prepare for anything special we might have to do for our little one. After doing the genetic testing it felt like people were judging our decision to test the baby before. Since genetic testing at 10 weeks is such a new and unique option, many people don't understand the reasoning and were absolutely convinced that our decision to test chromosomal abnormalities was motivated by not wanting to have a child with down syndrome. I brought this line of questioning up to my friend who actually has a daughter who has down syndrome. I said that people asked me all the time if I would abort if I had a baby with downs. My friend said that she was asked that at every single doctor's appointment by the medical staff. She then went on to tell me that due to the early access of genetic testing many people are deciding to abort their child if there was something "wrong" with their baby. My heart broke.

I would never give up on my baby just for having one more chromosome than the rest of us. Also, it is never appropriate to ask a woman if she is planning on, or would have planned to have an abortion. If she would like to divulge that information then let her choose when to share that with you. That is something that is none of your business and very insensitive to ask! How dare you! We ended up having a sweet, healthy, perfect little girl. We love her with all of our hearts. She would have been just as perfect with an extra chromosome.

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