A Genius Mom Drew A ‘Hug Button’ On Her Son’s Hand To Help Him Cope With Back-to-School Anxiety

One mother draws a heart on her son's hand to help him deal with all of his nerves when starting school.

Many children get a little nervous when they start school. There are sometimes a lot of tears if children are a bit scared to be left in a place they don't really know with some stranger. It is hard for children to sometimes relax when their parents leave them for the first time especially if children have never been in any type of childcare before going to school. One mother shares how she helped her little guy calm down for his big day!

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Louise Mallett, 32, from Ipswich shared that her youngest child was going to school for the first time. She was very excited for him because she knew he was going to have a great time but she could tell that he was not very excited. She could tell that her son was struggling with a few nerves and he was kind of scared for the big change. Mallet said her son had gone to the first week of school for just the mornings and he cried every day, so she knew he was going to struggle now that he was about to start going to school all day. So she came up with the most brilliant idea to help her son with his time during school.


Mallet drew a heart on her little guy's hand and then she drew a heart on her own hand. She said that all he had to do was push the heart on his hand and he would send a hug to her. And then she said she would push hers during the day for him to receive her hugs. On the way to school they held hands to "charge" the hearts so that they would work throughout the day. Once they got to the school he confidently walked into the classroom. She said that when she picked him up she asked if he had gotten her hugs and he said, "yep." He then said that he was really sad and so he pushed the heart for a really long time. Mallet replied by saying, "ahhh that's the big squeeze I got?"

She was very proud of herself for coming up with the clever idea to help her child enjoy school without missing her too much. She admitted that it has been really hard that her youngest child is going to school and it has been very emotional for her to watch all of her babies growing up but it made it much better knowing that her son was being comforted by her even while she was away.

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