What's Gentle Parenting And Why Is It Gaining Popularity?

If you have never heard of gentle parenting before, read on and see if it might be the right fit for you and your family.

Today it seems like there are so many different parenting styles and truly there are. But the style of parenting known as "gentle parenting" hasn't gotten too much attention before now. However, it seems to really be picking up steam so expect to hear more about it soon.

If you haven't heard about it before, gentle parenting refers to neither dealing with rewards or punishments when it comes to encouraging children to behave. According to Yahoo Style, more parents are choosing to take shy away from a discipline-focused approach of parenting. Instead, these parents opt to patiently explain the consequences of their child's behaviour to them, more often than not, in a soft voice.

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They do not call their children "naughty" or "bad", lose their temper with them, put them in a time-out, raise their voice, or even say "no" to them. Rather parents who believe in the gentle parenting style will make sure that their children have a full understanding of the situation that has occurred.

Gentle parenting is based on the foundation of empathy, respect and understanding and parents believe in positivity and patience over punishment and fear. Certainly, there are skeptics and critics of this style of parenting and many of them say that these children will grow up not understanding when they've done something wrong if they aren't ever told "no" or if they aren't ever "told off."


But the editor of ChannelMum.com Cathy Ranson says that is far from true."There is a misconception that it's letting your child do whatever they want without telling them off but that's simply not true," Ranson said.

She continued, "Gentle parenting is a growing movement focusing on really understanding your child. Instead of a system of punishment and rewards, it works on trying to elicit natural co-operation and harmony within the family."


It's not just independent families who are doing away with the traditional forms of so-called "healthy" discipline that have passed on for generations. A recent study which was performed by daynurseries.co.uk found that 74% of daycare center workers said that they do not agree with having a "naughty step" or designated "time out chair" in their facility. In the same study, 95% of daycare staff are not allowed to call children in their centers words like "naughty" or "bad" and are encouraged to help the kids they work with find alternative ways to manage their behaviour.

What are your thoughts on gentle parenting? Will you be trying it anytime soon? Please let us know why or why not in the comments!

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