Georgia Professor Straps Student’s Baby On Her Back So Mom Can Attend Class

A professor at a college held a baby for her entire lecture so the student could take notes.

A student at Georgia Gwinnett College couldn't find a sitter while she needed to go to school. Instead of missing class, she decided to bring her son to one of her classes. She brought her son to her anatomy and physiology class. Ramata Sissoko Cisse, an assistant professor of biology for anatomy and physiology, had scheduled an important lecture for that day. It focused on the integumentary system — the organ system comprised of the skin, hair, nails, and glands.

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Cisse told her students that the lesson was going to be really tough and they needed to pay attention. Not only pay attention but it was an important lecture for them to take very thorough notes. Cisse noticed that one of her students had brought their child and she knew that her student was not going to be able to pay attention to class and certainly wasn't going to have an easy time taking the necessary notes. She told the student to hand her the baby and that she would hold the baby during her lecture. "I just wanted her to be a student, a normal young student in the class," Cisse said. "I didn't want her to think about the baby."

Cisse created a baby sling out of a lab jacket and placed the baby on her back. She was able to carry that child throughout the entire lecture and she had her hands free to be able to write on the whiteboard. The professor said that she had three children while she was in graduate school and she knows how difficult being a mother is while being a student. She wanted the student to feel like just a student for a moment. "I think the job of an educator is to give you the belief in yourself, to trust yourself and to get it out of you," Cisse said. "So my job is to show them you have it already, you have what it takes to give to the world."

"The mom gave me the milk, but it was kind of cold. So I told the mommy to warm it a little bit, to be his body temperature. And they said, 'Why does it have to be warm?', and I said it has to be his body temperature so that when he drinks the milk, he's not spending too much energy to warm up the milk. Energy is very important. The baby needs to grow. The taking, anabolism, and the breaking, catabolism, of nutrients coming into your body." She said she really enjoyed having the baby on her back because the baby would sometimes nod in the middle of her lecture as if he had a little bit stamp of approval.

The professor said that she knows that her story is going to go viral, but viral things soon fade away. She knows that she is not going to be important anymore and that she will be replaced with the next big thing. She wanted to share something with her students "I want to make sure young people understand that we are here for them. We are here to support, to nurture, to guide, to love, to inspire, to teach, we are here for that. So I don't want them to give up on us. We're here. We take them very seriously."

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