28-Year-Old German Mother & Her Baby Poisoned By Toxic Pharmacy Glucose Mix

A 28-year-old pregnant woman died last week after taking a glucose-based test that turned out to be toxic. Doctors tried to save both parties but were ultimately unsuccessful. The pharmacy is currently under investigation and has been prohibited from selling some products. They claim that they are unaware of any toxic substances used in their products.

Some natural or homemade remedies work for some people. Even if it’s a placebo effect, a woman can find some medications or supplements helpful. However, it’s important to note that these things may not be recommended or even approved by a medical professional. They can be taken as long as they’re not causing any damage, but one needs to inform their doctor that they have chosen to take these supplements. Without medical clearance, they could do more damage than good.

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German authorities have opened a homicide investigation after the woman died. The young mom took the remedy which was marketed as a test for diabetes during pregnancy. After ingesting it, she died of multiple organ failure, and doctors failed to save the baby during an emergency caesarean section. Allegedly, this is not the only incident involving the toxic product. On September 19th, doctors informed the police of cases of poisoning due to a glucose-based product sold at a pharmacy.

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In response, the city of Cologne has prohibited the selling of self-manufactured remedies and glucose products.. Until the authorities can rule out the presence of other toxic substances, the pharmacy, Heilig-Geist, will not be allowed to operate freely. Owners of the business are shocked, and they claim that they are witnesses to the crime and not perpetrators. The police have also requested that customers bring products purchased from the pharmacy to their nearest police station to aid with the investigation.

Doctors are still trying to find out what exactly in the solution caused the organ failure in the victim. Unfortunately, it took the death of a mother and her baby to open investigations into potentially toxic substances. As a rule of thumb, one shouldn’t take any medication or supplements without clearance from a medical professional. A doctor can give you another perspective before you make your purchase.

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