Germany Could Ban Smartphones For Children Under The Age Of 14

The decision to give your child their very first smartphone is a difficult choice for many parents. Some choose to take this step early, while others wait until the child is much older before giving them this important piece of technology. But one German adviser is proposing a bill that would make it illegal to give children smartphones... At least not until they're the ripe old age of 14. This German adviser to the government is also an expert on psychology, and she says there are many reasons we should all consider her proposal.

As reported by The Washington Post, the person behind this proposal is a woman called Julia von Weiler. She is involved in a non-profit organization that works to protect children from abuse they might face on the internet. In her opinion, internet access at an early age should be viewed in the same light as alcohol or drugs - she's sees it as an illegal substance.


Parents all over the globe are becoming more and more concerned about their children's' activity on the internet, especially since kids these days are accessing the web at a much earlier age than ever before. In 2019, there are now many apps and tools which parents can use to track the activity of their children on the internet. In many ways, we have a good reason to be worried about how our children spend their time on the internet.


If this proposal is passed in Germany, it could drastically alter the way children there are raised. This often progressive nation could serve as an experiment for the rest of the world to watch and observe with interest. However, there are quite a few critics of this proposal. Many say that the proposal is a quick and easy fix, but it wouldn't address the core root of the issue.

So what's the issue here? What are the dangers of children accessing the internet with a smartphone at an early age? One of the biggest dangers is the possibility of our little ones viewing inappropriate images on the web. Recent studies have also shown that social media might alter the reading habits of children, possibly impacting their critical thinking. Fewer children are reading these days, and that number continues to rise. Taking away smartphones might encourage them to pick up a book.

This new proposal is groundbreaking in many ways, but it's really nothing new. Children in France are already forbidden from bringing their smartphones to class. In many ways, it seems like a logical step. As technology advances, we should probably implement new laws that help control that technology. And in many cases, our young ones need protection more than anyone else.

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