Get Your Mama Glow On

Fair warning: I need a manicure but I've already got one scheduled Saturday. 


I used to spend a fair amount of time doing my own makeup. In all honesty, I see makeup as a way to be creative and enhance your own look to your own pleasing. It might not be someone else's taste, but if it's yours and it makes you feel good about yourself - then do it! Since I've had kids, I've worn makeup less often. But when I do, I like to use makeup that's a decent quality. I'll try a less expensive palette here and there, like today. But my foundation/concealer base layer? That's where I invest my dollars. And I don't do it because I need to look a certain way for others to like me. I do it because I like the way it makes me feel.

Today I ran several errands in the morning - including buying a new set of eyeshadows and a few lipsticks to try on. My semi-harried mother look, complete with sweaty brow from lugging children around in the heat, was a real winner. A few grandmother-aged people approached us and interacted with Shep, or remarked that these young years will go by so fast. It's an encouragement, and I gladly accept it. I'm a strong person, but I still crave a little pat on my back every now and then. Somewhere in ULTA, Shep found a blue concealer and colored his mouth with it. I had to wipe it off at one of the trial stations in shame. But dang it, mama needs her glow-up, so he was patient enough. I tried my newest #momhack, giving him two tiny tractors to hold so he doesn't grab at everything else. It...sort of works.

Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey and ULTA Gel Eyeliner in Penny.

My current mascara is a joke - let's not even begin. If mascara is one of your "I am putting on three things and going out the door," looks - then invest in something beyond drug-store quality. I went back to my good old Clinique High Impacts mascara in brownish black - and I threw in an Almost Lipstick in Black Honey. If you haven't tried this thing, do yourself a favor and grab one. It feels delicious and flatters every single skin tone - I swear to you.

For my eyes, I picked up a palette. Here's the real test - right? I might end up investing in a nice Tarte pallette - but I wanted to swatch and this ULTA didn't have a tester open. I still don't have time yet on a day to day basis to use eyeshadow regularly enough to justify an investment on the Tarte Bloom pallette, but you know - wedding pictures are forever! Someone could convince me to buy one...

The wedding colors are wine, blush, and ivory. It's gorgeous - lush but modern, romantic but not sappy. I'm thinking about doing a coppery/gold metallic eye - like a sunset in my crease. Followed up with a nude-ish lip. I'm not sold on any lip color, which is part of why I bought so many different options.

Essence Metal Shock Lip Paint in Mercury, Essence Vibrant Shock Lip Paint in Red Viper, Essence Ultra Last Lipstick in Mauved In.

Listen - this isn't some sort of judgy post about needing to "put yourself together" or "get your body back" after a baby. I don't usually wear makeup. But to me - it's fun! It's self-expression, it's art. It's sort of crafty and I like how contour makeup can help define and sculpt my face. Ultimately I want to dabble in this because I like to experiment with colors on my skin - and this wedding is the perfect excuse to do just that.


Which of these swatches do you like best? Should I try a different combinations of eye colors? Tweet me your beauty secrets @pi3sugarpi3. 

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