10 Baby Names For Fans Of Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls follows the life of Lorelai Gilmore and her daughter, Rory, as they journey through the complexities of modern mother and daughter relationships. Even though it premiered almost twenty years, ago, it remains a millennial classic to this day.

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Millennials who watched Gilmore Girls during the original run were probably teenagers at the time. Now, they're getting married and having kids of their very own. If the describes you, then consider these 10 baby names inspired by the most popular Gilmore Girls characters.

10 Lorelai

Historically, Lorelai is an alternate spelling of Lorelei, which means "alluring temptress." Its origin is German. Since 1880, there have been 5,000 babies named Lorelai born within the U.S. Since the first reported case of Lorelai in the U.S happened around Gilmore Girls' premiere, it is credited for the resurgence of the name.

9 Rory

Rory Gilmore, played by Alexis Bledel, is the goody-two shoes daughter of Lorelai. She's smart, focused, and on track to attend an elite university, much to the approval of her grandparents. Rory is so fixated on on her studies that she is often encouraged to loosen up by her own mother.

Rory, which can work for a girl or boy, has Irish origins. It means "red king." There have been 32,000 babies in the U.S. named Rory since 1880. Its popularity appears to to have peaked in 2017.

8 Lane

Lane Kim is a minor character on Gilmore Girls. Portrayed by Keiko Agene, Lane was one of Rory's close friends. She was also artistic, fun and a little rebellious.

Lane, as a name, comes from English origins. It means "a small road or pathway." Since 1880, there have been 41,000 babies named Lane in the U.S. The name has slowly, but steadily, grown in popularity since 1920. The premiere of Gilmore Girls inspired an a resurgence. Lane peaked in 2012.

7 Jess

Despite Rory Gilmore's determination to shine academically, she also knew how to socialize, entertaining several boyfriends during Gilmore Girls' run. One of them was Jess Mariano, played by Milo Ventimiglia. Despite Rory's affection for him, his unstable home environment made it difficult for him to form a meaningful bond with her.

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Jess, which has no known meaning, has English origins. It can suit boys of girls, and can stand as a shorter version of Jessie or Jessica. Since 1880, there have been 25,000 people named Jess in the U.S. Its popularity peaked in 1920.

6 Michel

Michel Gerard, played by Yanic Truesdale, is also a minor character on Gilmore Girls. He is a concierge of Independence Inn, the place which served as Lorelai's first job. He's quick-witted, stuffy, and hilarious.

Historically, Michel means "brook" and "who is like God." Its origin is Hebrew, though it's also a French version of Michael. Since 1880, there have been over 15,000 babies named Michel born in the U.S. Michel reached its peak in popularity in 1924.

5 Emily

Emily Gilmore, played by Kelly Bishop, is the matriarch of the Gilmore family. She is the mother of Lorelai Gilmore and the grandmother of Rory Gilmore. Emily's relationship with Lorelai is influenced by her disappointment of Lorelai becoming a teenage mother. She wants "better" for Rory, which is why she places such high expectations on her.

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Emily, which is the female variation of Emil, means "rival." Its origin is Latin. Since 1880, there have been over 843,000 babies named Emily. It peaked in popularity in 1999.

4 Richard

Historically, Richard means "dominant ruler." Its origin is is German. Since 1880, there have been 2.6 million babies named Richard in the U.S. Richard peaked in popularity in 1946.

3 Paris

Paris Gellar, portrayed by Liza Weil, is a main character on Gilmore Girls. She is Rory Gilmore's sometimes-enemy/sometimes-friend, always rival within the show. She, like Rory, is fueled by her desire to succeed. Unlike Rory, she allows her goals to disrupt her character development.

Paris is a city in France, so its origin is, naturally, French. Since 1880, there have been 37,000 babies named Paris in the U.S. The name Paris reached its peak in popularity around 2004, which you can probably thank Paris Hilton (from The Simple Life) for.

2 Kirk

Kirk Gleason, played by Sean Gunn, is also a main character on Gilmore Girls. He is the awkward, well-meaning friend of Rory Gilmore.

Historically, Kirk means "church." Its origin is Norse. Since 1880, there have been 68,000 babies named Kirk in the U.S. Kirk reached its peak in popularity in 1962.

1 Sookie

Sookie St. James, played by Melissa McCarthy, is also a main character on Gilmore Girls. She is the fun, energetic friend and later, business partner of Lorelai Gilmore. She's known for her positive outlook on life, as well as her stellar skills as a chef. She's also a bit an impulsive klutz, but her personality more than makes up for it.

Historically, Sookie means "lily." It is also a variation of Sukey. Since 1880, there have been about 100 babies named Sookie within the U.S. There is so little data available on the name Sookie that it's impossible to know when it reached its peak in popularity. You can assume, however, that the minuscule number of parents who gravitated to this name, despite it being showcased on a popular TV show, means that most people aren't just feeling it.


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