10 Baby Girl Names That Could Steal The Stage In 2020

Parents who want to give their daughter a name that will be in style for 2020 should pay attention to this list. We’ve analyzed popularity lists and charts to create this collection of up-and-coming names. There are several undeniable trends that are taking over in the year to come.

From nature-inspired monikers to names taken from cities, these names will be popping up everywhere. Rather you’re looking for a gender-neutral option or want a title that has dominated the charts, we’ve got you covered. Please enjoy this list of 10 Baby Girl Names That Could Steal The Stage In 2020.

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10 Meghan

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Name trends are often influenced by pop culture so it’s not surprising to see that the name Meghan is on the rise. This one has jumped on the charts recently, thanks to the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle. Prince Harry’s royal wife has brought this moniker to everyone’s attention and shows no signs of slowing down.

Meghan is a variation to the more common spelling, Megan and it means pearl. We predict that this name will hold it’s own in 2020. Why not name your daughter after a princess? Meghan has proved to us all that dreams really do come true.

9 Opal

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Another category to watch for when it comes to baby names in 2020 is gemstone names. Opal may sound like an old lady name but it’s poised to have a resurgence. Jewel-inspired monikers are finding their way back into favor, so be prepared to meet more girls named Pearl or Ruby as well.

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Opal is a Sanskrit name that means gem. It’s also the gemstone for the month of October so now would be the perfect time to claim it, if your due date is this month. Although, we think that it sounds beautiful at any time of the year.

8 Stormi

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Many people consider the Kardashians to be the unofficial royal family of the United States. So, it should be no surprise that they have a huge influence on baby name trends. Stormi is proving to be a top contender to take over in 2020.

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott named their daughter Stormi in 2018 and it’s been gaining steam ever since. She’s not the only new family member setting trends, though. We predict that the other Kardashian baby names will be popular as well. From True to Dream, the Kardashians have a gift for picking out distinctive monikers.

7 Emma

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When it comes to baby girl names, there has been one ruler over the last four years. Emma has claimed the #1 spot on the Nameberry chart again and again. We predict that this one will continue to reign in 2020. There’s just something so charming about this moniker that parents can’t seem to resist.

Emma is a German name that means Universal. There are many actresses who thrust this one into the spotlight, such as Emma Stone and Emma Watson. Although, it has literary roots as well and first found fame when Jane Austen claimed it for the classic book, Emma in the year 1815.

6 Brooklyn

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More and more parents are choosing to name their babies after a city or a destination. We think that the name Brooklyn is going to be put on the map in 2020. The hipster crowd will love this one because it was inspired by the trendy borough in New York City.

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It also gets points for being a gender-neutral name, which is all the rage these days. Victoria and David Beckham named their son Brooklyn but we think that it would make a sassy name for a little girl. This one entered the charts in the 1990s and has continued to rise.

5 Lily

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Flower names have been surging on the charts and Lily is a vintage option that could return in 2020. This sweet and floral moniker has been around for centuries but managed to stay relevant over the years. It’s an elegant choice that has a timeless feel to it.

Lily is an English name that means Lily flower and it’s the shortened version of the name Lillian. Although, we love this one on its own and think that it’s too amazing to just be considered a nickname. It also hits another trend as names that end in “ly” are popular as well.

4 Max

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Max is one of those names that checks many boxes for baby girl name trends in 2020. For starters, it’s a unisex name that is typically picked for boys, which makes us adore it even more. Max is also a one-syllable name, which is very trendy. Finally, this one ends with the letter “x”, a rare find that parents love these days.

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It’s a diminutive of the name Maxine and means greatest. A celeb mom that chose this one for her daughter was Jessica Simpson. It was also the name of the fiery red head, Mad Max, from the hit Netflix series, Stranger Things.

3 Clementine

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Clementine is an irresistibly cute name that could take over the charts next year. Many new parents are jumping on the trend of naming their baby after food. It has a retro vibe that might be alluring to the hipster set. We think that it’s just too fresh to not add to this list.

It’s a French name that means merciful. It’s also the female version of the name Clement. We like that it has such a pure meaning and sounds so cheerful. This one was a popular choice in the 1950s but is totally ripe for the picking in 2020.

2 Ivy

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If you’re hoping to be ahead of the trends in 2020, then you should consider naming your daughter Ivy. Nature-inspired names are rising in popularity and Ivy would be a beautiful choice. Names that contain three letters are also trendy, so this one works double duty.

Ivy is an English moniker that is a botanical name. It jumped quite a bit on the charts when Beyonce and Jay-Z named their little girl Blue Ivy. Fans of DC Comics will like this one as well because of its association with the mysterious female villain, Poison Ivy from the Batman franchise.

1 Olivia

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Another name that is going to be stylish in 2020 is Olivia. This one has held its place as #2 on Nameberry’s popularity list and it looks like it’s set to remain relevant. This nostalgic name entered the charts in the late 1800s and has managed to continue to find a place on the top of lists all over the world.

Olivia is a Latin moniker that means Olive Tree. There are several Hollywood beauties with this name, from Olivia Wilde to Olivia Munn. It’s a sensible option that doesn’t show any signs of being knocked out of its place.

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