Dad Sets Up GoFundMe Page To Thank NICU Staff Who Saved His Baby's Life

David Homeyard is raising money for the NICU staff who saved his son three years ago. Without their skills and expertise, his son wouldn’t be alive today. In an effort to show them how appreciative he is of their services, he started a GoFundMe page to raise money for the staff this Christmas.

Three years ago, his son, Harry, was born unconscious and not breathing. They were shocked because the pregnancy was completely normal, so they didn’t expect any complications at birth. However, the NICU staff remained calm and acted right away. After two days of intensive care and treatment, the medical staff was able to stabilize Harry’s condition.

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Homeyard acknowledges that without the help of the hardworking medical staff, his son wouldn’t be here today celebrating his third birthday. Upon reflection, he realized that these people must be saving so many children every day, and they are dedicated to doing everything they can to save the babies. He wants to show these medical professionals that he, like many other parents, are grateful for their sacrifice and service, so he wants to do something special for them.

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He started a GoFundMe page to raise as much money as possible for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Charity. The grateful dad plans to give the money raised to the charity at Christmas, just to highlight the spirit of giving. His family and friends are very supportive of the move, but he is particularly thankful to his employer. Lloyd’s British, a local engineering company, loves his idea and is willing to support the endeavour. They are donating three Wera tools advent calendars to the campaign, and they are a solid base of support to get donations for the charity.

Homeyard hopes that his campaign is a reminder to let people know you appreciate them. Quite frankly, without the medical staff at the NICU, many parents wouldn’t be able to take their child home and give them love. Even those who weren’t directly impacted by the NICU should still consider giving to the campaign. We should appreciate those who save the lives of others, especially since one day, they could be saving yours or your loved one’s.

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