GoKart Transportation App Is 'Uber For Kids'

The new GoKart app is being called the "Uber for kids" thanks to one single mom's creative solution to needing help with shuttling her children around.

Stacy Shannon is a working mom of three living in North Carolina. She found it challenging to schedule proper transportation for her kids while she was working. Two years ago Shannon decided to put her entrepreneurial skills to good use to solve her own problem. She started GoKart, which is essentially an app like Uber that is designed specifically for kids. The company has over 40 drivers and more than 1300 subscribers.

The working mom recently sat down with The News & Observer to discuss the business venture that is changing her life, as well as the lives of others. Her initial thought for the business was combining Care.com and Uber together to help working parents deal with transporting their kids around to various activities.

But, it seems pretty crazy to call a stranger to drive your kid around. There are a lot of people who pushed back on Shannon's concept when it first launched in 2016. However, since she is a mother, she had all the same concerns as those who were skeptical and used them when building her business.

She vets all of her drivers personally before they are hired, including using seven years worth of background and DMV checks. Plus, all of her drivers are required to have at least 5-years of childcare experience. In fact, a majority of those who work for her driving are either parents or grandparents.

This week at 1 Million Cups RTP it's Stacy Shannon with GoKart. Company: GoKart Presenter(s): Stacy Shannon Product/Service: Ride-Share service for kids 6-17 Target Markets: Busy working parents with children Website: http://www.gokartnc.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gokartrides/ GoKart is a ride-share service, much like Uber, but for kids ages 6-17. All drivers have at least 5 years childcare experience (most are moms) and received a 7-year background/DMV check, auto/drive inspection and are interviewed. GoKart is solving the problem of parents getting their kids to all the various activities, all the while balancing work/life schedule. Drivers, usually moms (whether as a second job or stay at home), can make extra money by helping other moms and dads.

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GoKart’s app will launch in August, allowing parents to do a live ride and monitor it. Currently, the parents either call or email with a drive request. Parents have even requested to book for a week or a month at a time to ensure their child's transportation is good to go. GoKart charges $15 for the first five miles and $1.25 per additional mile. Drivers receive 70% of the total fare.

Shannon and her customers are thrilled with the success of GoKart thus far. She is hoping to branch out to other small cities in her area, where child transportation is an issue for working parents.

What do you think about GoKart? If it was in your area would you use it for your child? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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