Golden Corral Patron Saves Baby's Life With Fast Action

Hannah Marie Jarvis of Asheville, North Carolina had a whole lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving season. In these days following a holiday where people traditionally reflect on things that they are grateful for, Jarvis found herself grateful for both her baby's life and health as well as thankful for a random stranger who happened to be in the right place at the right time.

Jarvis and her young daughter Callie were dining at a local Golden Corral last Thursday night when Callie suddenly started gagging on her potatoes. Jarvis found herself suddenly living out every parent's nightmare as she helplessly watched her baby struggle to breathe. That is when another Golden Corral patron stepped in without hesitation and started administering the Heimlich maneuver on the choking baby.

Debra Rouse spared no time taking little Callie into her arms and flipping her over so that she could administer several stern smacks to her back to dislodge the potatoes from Callie's airways. Thankfully within moments, the baby started breathing again, free of the seemingly harmless chocking hazard.

Jarvis reached out via social media to thank Rouse as well as other Golden Corral personnel who were vital in her daughter's swift recovery. She referred to Rouse as an angel and a hero saying that without her, who knows if Callie would have made it past Thanksgiving Day alive. Rouse saw that social media shoutout and responded, saying that Jarvis and Callie had been on her mind since the incident and she was elated to hear that Callie was making a full and speedy recovery.

If ever there was a defining moment as to what the meaning of Thanksgiving was all about, then this might be it. To exude selflessness and reach out to help someone in dire need is what this part of the year seems to be all about. Mad props to Debra Rouse. You could have sat there watching and praying that someone would dare to step in and take matters in their own hands, but you didn't. You did what had to be done to save a child's life. This family adores you, and so does the rest of the world.

Be the Debra people. Step in when someone is in need.


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