Golden Retrievers Help Baby Girl Escape From Bedroom

Two golden retrievers helped a baby escape from her bedroom, so the three friends could have a good old time together.

ABC News broke the very sweet and touching story about the shenanigans of 15-month-old Chloe Cardinal and her two pups, Colby and Bleu. The toddler is in love with her two golden retriever pals, who are nothing but gentle and loving with her. Not only do they all play well together, but Chloe helps feed her friends, now that she can finally reach their kibble.

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However, despite all the love and admiration for each other, what Chloe’s parents didn’t realize is that she, Colby, and Bleu are also partners in crime. Oh yes, the three have been up to no good at night, but it is only so that they can spend more time together.


One morning Chris and Nina woke up in their Phoenix, Arizona home just like it was any normal day. They could hear their daughter making noise on the baby monitor, so Nina headed to Chloe’s room to get her up. As she walked into the hallway, Nina was shocked to find her little girl was not only awake, but out of her room and waiting for her!

Nina and Chris both explained to the local news that their toddler could not open the door to her bedroom and that she had never gotten out of her bed by herself. Immediately they went to the Nest camera in Chloe’s room and were baffled at what they saw next. Colby and Bleu used their noses to open the bedroom door and then jumped into bed to wake Chloe to play with her.

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Once the toddler was awake, Bleu grabbed one of her toys and jumped out of bed as Colby followed. The move apparently encouraged Chloe enough to jump out of her bed too. She did unharmed, following her furry friends. Both Nina and Chris could not believe what they saw, but it overwhelmed them with love as well. Talk about an unbreakable bond between dogs and a human!

It was all in good fun, but in order to make sure Chloe doesn’t hurt herself, the Cardinal’s did share they are going to have to do a little dog proofing around their house. At least until their daughter is big enough to get up and maneuver around the house on her own!


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