'Good Morning America' Co-Host Sara Haines Is Carrying Her Third Baby

Congrats are in order for Good Morning America host Sara Haines. She is carrying a bun in her oven. Haines made the joyous announcement that she and her husband, Max Shifrin, would be welcoming another little one into their family later this year in July. This baby will be the third child for the couple.

Her joy and excitement were contagious as she held up a very telling string of pictures alongside co-host Michael Strahan when she excitedly announced that she was indeed "making a human." Strahan couldn't help but suggest that should the baby be a boy; she should consider naming him Michael before he handed her a bouquet of flowers and offered his most sincere congrats. Such a gentleman that Michael Strahan.

The Shifrin house is going to be a busy couple of years considering the first two kiddos are still in diapers. We can't help but wonder if Michael Strahan offered up his diaper changing services.

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Haines disclosed that this pregnancy has been more taxing than her first two, especially in the nausea department. She also expressed her concerns regarding pregnancy and body images. Haines works in an industry where women are judged by their looks. Even the most confident of women can be shaken by ignorant and insensitive people who hide behind computer screens as they made hurtful comments. Regardless of the changes that her body s about to go through, she is only thrilled at welcoming another baby into the world. At age 41, Haines knows how special and precious a pregnancy is. She is considered to be high-risk because of her age. When a woman is pregnant, and over the age of thirty-five, they run a higher risk of developing complications such as gestational diabetes, hypertension, premature labor and complications during delivery. Infants also run higher risks for specific chromosomal abnormalities.

No matter what life throws at her in the next nine months, Haines can rest assured that her television family is behind her every step of the way. Everyone is pulling for a happy and healthy addition to the Good Morning America family.

Congrats to Sara, Max, and kids on your little addition.

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